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Archive for the ‘Swaziland’ Category

Podcast: Wanted Speaks to Gaile Parkin About When Hoopoes Go To Heaven

When Hoopoes Go to HeavenAlexander Matthews of Business Day’s Wanted recently spoke with Gaile Parkin about her new novel When Hoopoes Go to Heaven. In the frank discussion, the author of Baking Cakes in Kigali, also expresses concern about the lives of the people of Swaziland, under the rule of Africa’s last absolute monarch:

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Gaile Parkin Returns With When Hoopoes Go to Heaven

From the bestselling author of Baking Cakes in Kigali comes a new novel, When Hoopoes Go to Heaven:

When Hoopoes Go to HeavenTen-year-old Benedict is feeling happy. His family’s new home in Swaziland has the most beautiful garden in the whole entire world, teeming with insects, frogs and his favourite cinnamon-coloured birds. Here, crouched in the cool shade of the lucky-bean tree, it’s easy to forget the loneliness that comes from his siblings playing without him, easy to stop himself fretting about how to fix his Mama’s failing cake-baking business.

Not that Benedict generally allows sad or uncomfortable things to cloud his day. Usually, he simply finds a way to put things right. Like trying to learn the language of his strange new country, to make himself feel less of an outsider. Like persuading the people at Ubuntu Funerals to provide a decent burial for the beautiful hoopoe killed by their van. Or like being a friend to Nomsa, a girl brave enough to pick up a spider but too afraid to tell anyone why her teacher is making her stay late after school.

Of course, there are many things in Africa that cannot be put right by a boy who isn’t yet big. But in Benedict’s wonder-filled world, even the ugliest situation has a certain magic. Warm, funny and brimming with life, When Hoopoes Go to Heaven paints a fresh and compelling picture of life in Swaziland that will capture your imagination and restore your faith in humanity.

About the author

Born and raised in Zambia, Gaile Parkin has lived and worked in many African countries. Her first job was in a Soweto still simmering from the violent uprising of the school students who had begun to loosen apartheid’s control of the education system in South Africa. More recently she has worked in Rwanda, counselling women and girls who had survived the genocide. A published author of numerous school textbooks and children’s books, Gaile has turned her hand to writing fiction for adults, with great success.

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