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Archive for the ‘South Africa’ Category

Podcast: The Brain Surgeon’s Diet by Adriaan Liebenberg is a Lifestyle Choice, not a Quick-Fix

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetAdriaan Liebenberg recently told Nancy Richards on SAfm about the uphill battle that overweight people face every day.

Liebenberg shares his personal story of struggle and victory: “I could never understand how I could be successful in my career and successful in other fields but I couldn’t control my weight.”

The author of The Brain Surgeon’s Diet explains that an unhealthy relationship with food, not the food itself, causes people to gain weight. This behavioural issue will not be altered by quick-fix solutions. “It takes us many years to get fat and it will take us many years to get thin again.”

The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is also available in Afrikaans as The Brain Surgeon’s Diet and aims to help you train your brain to make sound, healthy lifestyle choices.

Listen to the podcast:

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Oscar Pistorius, Disgraced Olympic and Paralympic Champion, Has Been Stripped of His Honorary Degree

Chase Your ShadowOscar Pistorius, disgraced paralympian and subject of Chase Your Shadow: The Trials of Oscar Pistorius by John Carlin, was recently stripped of the honorary degree awarded to him by Strathclyde University.

In an article for the Herald Scotland, Susan Swarbrick reported that Pistorius was awarded the honorary degree in 2012 for the exceptional achievement of competing in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London earlier that year. The University has been criticised for not handling the matter sooner.

Read the article:

Susan Jack of domestic abuse charity Glasgow Women’s Aid said: “I’m delighted the university has finally acted. He is not an appropriate role model.”

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Zelda la Grange on Working for Nelson Mandela: “It was not a Popularity Contest”

Good Morning, Mr MandelaGoeiemore, Mnr. MandelaZelda la Grange will speak about her role and responsibilities as Nelson Mandela’s personal assistant at the Executive Secretary LIVE conference held London in March this year.

The initiative aims to raise awareness about the important roles of executive, personal and administrative professionals – the gatekeepers behind the success of multinational corporations.

The author of Good Morning, Mr Mandela will join Ann Hiatt and Lauren Jiloty, executive assistants to Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates respectively. La Grange will share her personal experience of overcoming diversity and working side-by-side with Madiba.

Read the article:

Zelda la Grange, former PA to Nelson Mandela commented: “Being a gatekeeper to anyone is not easy. I was sensitive to criticism in the beginning but then realised that it was not a popularity contest I signed up for. I had to account to my boss and make sure he was comfortable with how I managed his professional world. Life equips you for the challenges you face, it is a journey of self-actualisation and personal growth.”

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Douglas Kruger’s One Principle to Own Your Industry (An Alternative to the Kardashian Approach)

Own Your IndustryThe author of Own Your Industry: How to Position Yourself as an Expert, Douglas Kruger, has shared the one most important principle for becoming a thought-leader in your field.

Kruger explains that his “One Dependent Pupil” business model is the opposite of the Kardashian approach, which focuses on mass popularity. The emphasis shifts from your own ego to the needs of your potential followers.

“This model forces you to become less circus and more guide, less bull-horn announcer and more thoughtful coach,” Kruger writes.

Read the article:

Use the ‘One Dependent Pupil’ business model

Instead of trying for mass appeal, try for complete and utter relevance … to a single follower. Here’s how it works: Picture a single person – one iconic representation – who looks to you as a thought-leader.

Think of her as uniquely interested in your specific insights and ideas. She is deeply invested in doing what you say, because she truly believes it will work. This is a serious-minded person who sees you as the solution. She will follow you, recommend you, learn from you and implement your ideas in order to progress in her own world.

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Emma Sadleir Highlights the Pitfalls of Social Media that Could Damage Your Reputation

Don't Film Yourself Having SexEmma Sadleir recently spoke to World Wide Creative about the ethics of social sharing and the changing nature of social media.

The co-author of Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex: and Other Legal Advice For the Age of Social Media explains that because it is so easy to find our where you work via sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you inadvertently become a mouthpiece for your organisation and this could damage your reputation if not managed correctly.

Sadleir speaks about protecting your brand, employees and children from the common pitfalls of social media.

Read the article:

What are some of the common pitfalls for brands when it comes to social sharing and using these networks as marketing tools?

It’s easy to find out where someone works using social media. So one of the biggest issues is the fact that inadvertently, a company’s employees become its mouthpieces. For example, a racist comment made by an employee in their personal capacity can have major repercussions for the company they work for.

Another issue is the general sentiment that older or more mature people are “not good” at social media or that the younger generation has a better understanding of how it should be used.

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“Where Are We Headed?”: Jerm’s Satirical Comment on President Zuma’s State of The Nation Address

Comedy ClubJerm, satirical cartoonist and author of Comedy Club, has shared a cartoon commenting on President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address.

In the cartoon, Jerm suggests that under Zuma’s leadership, South Africa is insulting and undoing all that Nelson Mandela stood for.

Tolerance, the end of the police state and media freedom are chief among the hard-won liberties that Jerm believes are now being disrespectfully disregarded.

Look at the cartoon:

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Fiona Leonard Shares 10 Things She Has Learned About Editing: “Procrastination is Not Your Friend”

The Chicken ThiefFiona Leonard, author of The Chicken Thief , has shared 10 things she has learned about editing, listing them instead of editing – as she is supposed to be doing – and thus giving in to what she describes as one of the biggest enemies of editing (and writing for that matter): procrastination.

The first thing the author learned was that you cannot edit if you haven’t written anything. She says: “You cannot edit a blank page. Hence, it is easier not to write anything than have to do the work to make it better. Procrastination will save you from heartache.” However, she has also learned that procrastination is not the friendliest activity. “Procrastination is not your friend. Procrastination will buy you drinks, get you drunk and then post the photographs on Facebook,” Leonard writes.

Read and learn from Leonard’s revelations about editing:

1. You cannot edit a blank page. Hence, it is easier not to write anything than have to do the work to make it better. Procrastination will save you from heartache.

2. Procrastination is not your friend. Procrastination will buy you drinks, get you drunk and then post the photographs on Facebook.

3. Editing is sad. It involves looking at something you loved and realising that it doesn’t make sense/is clumsy/needs to be thrown out/rewritten. Chances are that around this time you will tell someone that you have to “kill your babies” (because that’s what gritty writers say) except the person you tell won’t know the first thing about gritty writers and they’ll just think you’re creepy and your kid should be taken away from you, and then they’ll realise you don’t currently have any babies and they’ll start to worry even more.

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Don’t Miss Aziz Pahad Speaking About Insurgent Diplomat at the University of Johannesburg

Aziz Pahad Event

Insurgent Diplomat: Civil Talks or Civil War?Aziz Pahad, veteran politician and author of Insurgent Diplomat: Civil Talks or Civil War?, will be speaking about his book at an event hosted by SARChi Chair and the UJ Library.

The conversation will be facilitated by Professor Chris Landsberg of the University of Johannesburg.

The event will be at 4:30 for 5 PM on Tuesday, 17 February, at the Library Auditorium on UJ’s Kingsway Campus.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 17 February 2015
  • Time: 4:30 PM for 5 PM
  • Venue: Library Auditorium
    Library 6th Floor
    University of Johannesburg
    Corner of Kingsway and University Roads
    Kingsway Campus
    Auckland Park | Map
  • Interviewer: Chris Landsberg
  • RSVP: Theodorah Modise,, 011 559 2264

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Die Breinchirurg se dieet: Adriaan Liebenberg deel sy gewigsverlies-suksesverhaal

Die Breinchirurg se dieetThe Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieet is eintlik Adriaan Liebenberg se persoonlike suksesverhaal.

Só het die neurochirurg onlangs aan Rochélle Human vertel oor sy radikale gewigsverlies en die eetplan wat hy met die wêreld wou deel.

Liebenberg het op 39-jarige ouderdom 161 kilogram geweeg toe hy besluit het om sy lewe te verander. Binne twee jaar het hy 70 kilogram verloor. Liebenberg sê die dieet is heel eenvoudig – “’n Mens moet minder eet en meer oefen.” Die skrywer gesels ook oor die oomblik toe hy ’n keerpunt bereik het.

Die Breinchirurg se dieet is ook in Engels beskikbaar as The Brain Surgeon’s Diet.

Lees die artikel:

Sy hartspier was verdik. Sy seun was ook oorgewig en sy dogter was goed op pad daarheen.

“Hulle het gedoen wat Pappa gedoen het.”

Hy het ’n punt bereik waar hy besef het hy het geen selfbeheersing nie.

Hy het eers ’n dieetkundige gaan sien wat vir hom ’n eetplan uitgewerk het, maar hy kon dit nie volhou nie.

“Dit was nie kos waarvan ek hou nie. Dit was nie goed wat ek kon voorberei nie.

“Dit was net heeltemal onmoontlik om te doen.”

Hy begin toe self wetenskap­like artikels oor dieet, oefening en gewigverlies lees.

“As jy vir ’n oorgewig mens sê van nou af eet jy hoenderborsies in water gekook en geposjeerde broccoli, en elke oggend 05:00 moet jy gaan draf – selfs dié wat desperaat is, kan dit net vir ’n paar weke volhou.”

Met sy kennis van die brein se werking en navorsing oor hormone wat eetlus beheer, het hy ’n volhoubare manier ontwikkel om gewig te verloor sonder om homself te verhonger.


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Make the Most of Your Time in the World’s Most Beautiful City with The Rough Guide to Cape Town

The Rough Guide to Cape TownPenguin Books is pleased to present The Rough Guide to Cape Town: the Winelands and the Garden Route:

The Rough Guide to Cape Town, the Winelands and the Garden Route is the ultimate travel guide to South Africa’s most captivating city and it’s surrounding region.

With dozens of colour photos to illustrate the finest of Cape Town’s colonial architecture, vibrant neighbourhoods and iconic setting, this guide will show you the best this cosmopolitan city has to offer. From fascinating museums, cutting edge fashion and fine dining, to whale watching, mountain hikes and wine tasting, it’s no wonder that Cape Town is an award-winning city, and The Rough Guide to Cape Town uncovers it all.

Easy to use maps for each neighbourhood make getting around easy. With detailed chapters featuring all the best hotels, restaurants and bars, live music and clubs, shops, theatre, kids’ activities and more, you’ll be sure to make the most of your time in the city with The Rough Guide to Cape Town, The Winelands and The Garden Route.

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