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Archive for the ‘South Africa’ Category

Chad le Clos’ Unbelievable Run Continues with “Best Time in the World” for 200m Butterfly

Unbelievable!Olympic gold medallist Chad le Clos, whose biography Unbelievable! was recently released, recorded the fastest 200m butterfly time in the world this year in the Commonwealth Games qualifying meet in Durban.

Le Clos, whose book details his 2012 Olympic success that took the world by storm, beat his main rival Dylan Bosch to take the 200m butterfly final in one minute, 54.56 seconds. He is aiming for eight individual titles during the qualifiers.

“It felt really good,” Le Clos said. “My coach and I spoke about going under 1:55, that’s the best time in the world this year, and I’m really happy with that.

“A big ups to Dylan for getting the time as well. It will be great to have both of us in the same event at the Commonwealths, both right up there in the top five.”

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Thrilling Excerpt from The Chicken Thief by Fiona Leonard

The Chicken ThiefPenguin Books South Africa have shared an excerpt from Fiona Leonard’s exciting new novel, The Chicken Thief.

The book, which will be released this month, tells the story of Alois, the eponymous chicken thief, who struggles to find a niche for himself in a country scarred by political and economic instability.

In the extract, the basics of chicken thieving are outlined – “never carry a full bag of birds over a fence” – but the night ends badly for Alois, as he witnesses a robbery in progress and runs, only to fall off a wall. When he looks up, he sees a “man crouching beside him pointing a gun at his head”.

He was falling before he had time to register he had screwed up. He had jumped wide and missed the wall completely. Instinctively he tucked his shoulder and rolled, trying to break his fall.

It wasn’t the worst fall he’d ever had. Every breath of air was knocked outside his body but a tentative inspection revealed no broken bones. He probably hadn’t hit his head either, because the swear words rocketing around his skull seemed well enough formed. And his brain must still be working, for he could clearly make out the face of the man crouching beside him pointing a gun at his head.

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Douglas Kruger Presents Own Your Industry: How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Own Your IndustryOwn Your Industry is a guide to what you can do to position yourself as the “go-to-name” in your industry. Because when you are known as the expert, they will come to you.

Learn how to build an industry reputation, use media channels to reach your market and communicate complex ideas through memorable frameworks. Discover how your fee structure defines you as beginner or valued veteran.

The book explains how to develop a title, become a face and a voice in the minds of key industry players, and use simple but powerful positioning techniques to cut through the marketing clutter of your competitors.

Become the answer to the question: “You know who you should talk to about that?”

About the author

Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and five times winner of the Southern African Public Speaking Championships. He helps organisations dismantle the “Rules of Hamster Thinking” which make them industry dinosaurs. He teaches businesses and brands to position themselves as industry experts so that their name has greater equity. See him in action at

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Tinus Horn oor Bomskok: “Ek probeer nie regstreeks kommentaar lewer op dit of dat nie”

BomskokTinus Horn het onlangs met Naomi Meyer gesels oor Bomskok, sy gewaagde roman wat in 1989 in die kantore van ‘n fiktiewe dagblad afspeel. Horn sê hy “probeer nie regstreeks kommentaar lewer op dit of dat nie,” en noem dat hy die lesers wou “prikkel en vermaak en aanmoedig om om te blaai. As hulle boonop oor iets nadink, is ek bly”.

Horn gesels ook oor die storie as mikrokosmos, karakters in sy roman en sy toekomsplanne: “Ek skryf aan ’n nuwe roman met die naam Boas Mei is Verward, ook vir Penguin. Iets heeltemal anders as Bomskok. Hy begin so: ‘Boas Mei is verward – en dis amptelik.’n Verpleegstertjie het so pas ’n etiket om sy linkerpols kom sit, en daarop staan dit duidelik in ’n ronde, kinderlike handskrif geskrywe: ‘confused’.’”

Hallo Tinus, dankie dat jy tyd maak vir gesels. Wie is Tinus Horn?

Dis ’n moeilike vraag, maar ek sal my bes probeer. Ek skilder en skryf en maak kort animasieflieks met karaktertjies wat ek uit hout kerf . Ek lag maklik en huil seker nie genoeg nie. Ek hou nie baie van partytjies nie en my hond se geselskap is gewoonlik vir my genoeg.

Is Bomskok ‘n storie oor die laat tagtigerjare of ‘n storie oor ‘n joernalis, of nie een van bogenoemde nie?

Ek sou dit anders stel: dis ’n storie wat in die laat tagtigerjare afspeel en die meeste van die hoofkarakters is joernaliste. Vir my gaan dit meer oor die menslike intriges; pyn en lyding, pret en plesier, liefde en verlies. Maar die karakters bevind hulle in die middel van ’n bloedige politieke omwenteling wat alles versnel en verskerp.

Bomskok. ‘n Boek oor nagevolge. Indien wel, van wat alles?

Nee, flippit, dis ’n lang lys daai. Kom ons sê maar die nagevolge van die besluit om die baarmoeder vir die wye wêreld te verlaat. Ek het dit in die mond van een van die karakters in Bomskok gelê, so ek mag dit seker weer leen.


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Penguin to Publish Memoir by Nelson Mandela’s Most Trusted Assistant, Zelda la Grange

Zelda la Grange and Nelson Mandela

Good Morning Mr MandelaPenguin is delighted to announce that they will be publishing Zelda la Grange’s Good Morning Mr Mandela, the extraordinary story of how a young woman had her life and everything she once believed in transformed by the greatest man of her time.

Good Morning Mr Mandela’s publication date is 19 June, 2014.

Press release:

On June 19 2014, Penguin will publish worldwide Good Morning, Mr Mandela, the extraordinary story of how a young woman had her life and everything she once believed in transformed by the greatest man of her time.

Zelda la Grange grew up in South Africa as a white Afrikaner who supported the rules of segregation. Yet a few years after the end of apartheid she would become the trusted assistant to Nelson Mandela. Now she shares his lasting and inspiring gifts with the world.

Helen Conford, publishing director, says, “This is a book that will touch your life and make you believe that every one of us, no matter who we are or what we have done, has the power to change. It has brought tears to the eyes of everyone who has read it. It shines with honesty and love. The lessons Nelson Mandela gave her as he renewed his country offer hope to everyone.”

Helen Conford acquired world English rights from Jonny Geller at Curtis Brown. Good Morning, Mr Mandela will be published by Allen Lane. Frederik de Jager at Penguin South Africa will publish in Afrikaans as well as English. Clare Ferraro and Wendy Wolf will publish at Viking US.

A percentage of royalties from the book will be donated by the author to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.


Image courtesy of The Mirror

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Try This Recipe for Raspberry Sorbet from Cook from the Heart by Alida Ryder

Cook from the HeartKook uit die hartNomu has shared a recipe for Raspberry Sorbet from Alida Ryder’s cookbook Cook from the Heart, noting that it is “absolutely delicious and super easy to make”.

The recipe only needs 4 ingredients with the most strenuous part being that you have to remember to stir it every 30 minutes once you have put it in the freezer. “What works for me is to set an alarm for every 30 minutes for 4 hours. That way I don’t forget that my sorbet is in the freezer and I’m rewarded with a smooth, refreshing dessert,” says Ryder.

Try her recipe for Raspberry Sorbet:

Raspberry Sorbet

250ml water
3/4 cup sugar
150g raspberries
2 tbsp lemon juice

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A Thief, a War Hero and a President: Fiona Leonard Presents The Chicken Thief

The Chicken ThiefPenguin Books South Africa presents Fiona Leonard’s novel, The Chicken Thief:

Alois is The Chicken Thief, a bright young man struggling to find his way in a southern African country wracked by political unrest and a crumbling economy.

Through a chance encounter, Alois is set to make some fast money. But the enterprise goes horribly wrong, and he finds himself in a complicated and perilous struggle to rescue a war hero and transform the political landscape. Though an unlikely hero, Alois discovers, in this charming and fast-paced adventure, that both dreams and justice are within his grasp.

Leonard’s funny, poignant and thrilling debut novel will be released in April.

About the Author

Fiona Leonard has a gypsy soul that has carried her across twenty countries on four continents. She has worked as a diplomat, foreign and trade policy consultant, freelance writer, theatre producer, blogger, home schooler and author, and sometimes several of these at once. She lives in Ghana, for now.

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Zirk van den Berg Chats About His “Boer Spy Novel” Half of One Thing

 Half of One ThingHalfpad een dingZirk van den Berg, author of Half of One Thing, says his literary influences range from Philip K Dick to Vladimir Nabokov.

Van den Berg was born in Namibia, grew up in South Africa and now lives in New Zealand. His latest book deals with forbidden love against the backdrop of the Boer War.

In an interview with Times Live, Van den Berg reveals that Half of One Thing was 12 years in the making, and talks a bit about the writers who inspire him.

Who are your literary heroes?

Philip K Dick because he wrote serious books in a trashy genre. Nabokov and Chandler for style. Charles Willeford and Jim Thompson for courage. Alan Furst for atmosphere. KC Constantine for dialogue. Romain Gary for his versatility and world view. Just about anyone who followed their own muse, actually.

How long did it take to write Half of One Thing?

On my computer there’s a file named ‘Boer spy novel’ dated 2002, so it’s been a few years. But I did other things in between as well.

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Justin Bonello Reveals the Strangest Foods He’s Ever Eaten

Roads Less TravelledJustin Bonello, author of Roads Less Travelled: Ultimate Braai Master, talks about his culinary influences, and the strangest foods he has ever tasted.

In an interview with Union Sports Magazine, Bonello says his grandmother played a major role in his cooking career, even giving him his first crêpe pan when he was just seven years old – which he still uses today. He also admits to being a big fan of “the late great Keith Floyd”.

When asked about his most exotic eating experience, Bonello says he has too many to choose from:

What is the strangest food you have ever tasted?

Phew, I get this question a lot and there is definitely more than one culinary ‘adventure’ that comes to mind. I’ve eaten the infamous ‘Karoo oyster’, nibbled on mice on the banks of the Pungwe River in Mozambique and gnawed on some goat brain on a farm called Angora in Jansenville.

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Join Trevor Romain for a Live Performance of His Book, Random Kak

Live performance of Random Kak: I remember about growing up in South Africa by Trevor Romain

Random Kak: I remember about growing up in South AfricaJoin Trevor Romain for a live performance of his highly successful book, Random Kak: I remember about growing up in South Africa.

The event will take place on 10 April at Linksfield School Hall. Tickets cost R100 (cash at the door, no pre-booking) and proceeds will benefit the Botshabelo Orphanage. The performance will not be suitable for children under the age of 18.

Don’t miss it!

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