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Archive for the ‘Self Help’ Category

Don’t Take Your Messy Divorce to Twitter, Warns Social Media Lawyer Emma Sadleir

Don't Film Yourself Having SexEmma Sadleir was recently quoted in an article on celebrity couples’ tendency to air their dirty divorce laundry on social media platforms.

The article focuses on Morgan Deane and Graeme Smith’s messy break-up, and the series of accusations that Deane published on Twitter about the cricketer.

Sadleir, author of Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex: and Other Legal Advice For the Age of Social Media, says that from a legal perspective couples who take their domestic spats to Twitter could land up in trouble with the law.

Read the article:

“What the courts are saying about domestic social media spats is that, even if the allegations are true, they cannot be published because they are not for the public benefit. The courts have been at pains to emphasise the distinction between what is interesting to the public as opposed to what is in the public interest. You cannot air your dirty laundry in public.”

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Video: Sam Hazledine Unveils the Three Learnable Foundations of Big Success for Small Businesses

Winning the Unfair FightSam Hazledine, author of Winning the Unfair Fight, has shared a video in which he outlines “The Three Learnable Foundations of Success”.

Hazledine says that the three principles he offers are a framework that can be applied to build success in any situation, even though success means something different to everyone.

He shares the story of his success, how he developed this framework and how it affected his business.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Emma Sadleir Highlights the Pitfalls of Social Media that Could Damage Your Reputation

Don't Film Yourself Having SexEmma Sadleir recently spoke to World Wide Creative about the ethics of social sharing and the changing nature of social media.

The co-author of Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex: and Other Legal Advice For the Age of Social Media explains that because it is so easy to find our where you work via sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you inadvertently become a mouthpiece for your organisation and this could damage your reputation if not managed correctly.

Sadleir speaks about protecting your brand, employees and children from the common pitfalls of social media.

Read the article:

What are some of the common pitfalls for brands when it comes to social sharing and using these networks as marketing tools?

It’s easy to find out where someone works using social media. So one of the biggest issues is the fact that inadvertently, a company’s employees become its mouthpieces. For example, a racist comment made by an employee in their personal capacity can have major repercussions for the company they work for.

Another issue is the general sentiment that older or more mature people are “not good” at social media or that the younger generation has a better understanding of how it should be used.

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One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo: How Darrel Bristow-Bovey Dealt with the Fact that He is Growing Old

One Midlife Crisis and a SpeedoDarrel Bristow-Bovey’s latest book, One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo, will be available from Zebra Press next month:

If you don’t choose your midlife crisis, your crisis will choose you.

Darrel Bristow-Bovey has tried his best to deny to himself that he’s getting older, but you can’t hide from the truth in the changing-room mirror. One day, surrounded by sharks on a small boat in the Indian Ocean, he suddenly realises his midlife crisis is already under way. Running a gauntlet of bucket lists, prostate examinations and sexual misadventures, Darrel sets himself a task: to follow in the footsteps of Lord Byron and the Greek hero Hercules and swim across the Dardanelles in Turkey.

The only problem is that he’s old and tried and lazy and can’t swim very well. One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo is a warm, witty, eventually wise journey into the terrors and absurdities and grumpy compensations of middle age that will speak to every man and woman who has ever noticed that time is ticking by faster every day.

About the author

Darrel Bristow-Bovey is a screenwriter for television and film and works as a travel-writer and a weekly columnist for The Times. He was briefly a professional kick-boxer, in which capacity he was unsuccessfully investigated for match fixing, a story covered in his as-yet unpublished memoir, Ow! Stop doing that! He wrote the bestselling I Moved Your Cheese in 2001, The Naked Bachelor in 2002 and a collection of columns, But I Digress. His novel for young readers, Super-Zero, was awarded the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for fiction and he was a finalist for the Caine Prize for African Writing.

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Bertus Preller, Author of Everyone's Guide to Divorce and Separation, on How to Handle "Divorce Season"

Everyone's Guide to Divorce and SeparationJanuary and February is “divorce season” – when warring couples who have made it through the festive season decide to throw in the towel – family and divorce law specialist Bertus Preller looks into why.

In a post on Divorce Attorney, Preller, the author of Everyone’s Guide to Divorce and Separation, explains why so many divorces happen after Christmas, and warns of the impact that divorce can have on children.

Going through a divorce is a painful process for all concerned mainly when there are children involved. A question that remains very difficult for warring couples to answer is “do we stay together for the sake of our children and pretend that all is hunky-dory between us”; or “do we make the decision that we, as individuals, and our children will be better off without having to endure the daily incidents of watching us as parents behave like teenagers throwing cutlery across the table”?

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Raad vir jongmense wat die ouerhuis verlaat uit Welcome to the Real World!

Welcome to the Real World!Die nuwe jaar is in volle swang: Skole het begin, universiteitstudente begin stadig maar seker tasse pak om weer die nes te verlaat en die werkendes verlang al weer na hul volgende verlof. Vir sommiges bring die nuwe jaar nuwe uitdagings, veral vir die wat vir die eerste keer op hul eie gaan woon.

Rapport het onlangs ‘n Afrikaanse uittreksel gedeel uit Alex Ferguson-Williams en Lisa Kretschmer se boek, Welcome to the Real World! waarin die skrywers wenke deel vir wanneer studente die ouerhuis verlaat, die soorte studente-verblyf wat verwagte kan wees, huismaat-etiket en die klein goedjies waarvoor mens op die uitkyk moet wees.

Kretschmer en Ferguson-Williams verduidelik ook hoe daar vrede gemaak kan word met die huurkontrak en hoekom dit nodig is om ‘n deposito te betaal: “Hou jou kop bymekaar, want sodra jy geteken het, is jy wetlik verbind tot alles wat in die kontrak staan. Jy sal ’n deposito en die eerste maand se huur vooraf moet betaal. As jy die huurkontrak voortydig beëindig of skade aanrig, sal die verhuur­der dié geld gebruik om daardie kostes te dek. As jy die woonplek in dieselfde toestand agterlaat as waarin jy dit gekry het, behoort jy jou deposito terug te kry.”

Lees Kretschmer en Ferguson-Williams se raad:

Jy’t jou eie, gerieflike kamer in jou ouerhuis – en als is gratis!

Aan die een kant sal dit dom wees om uit te trek en jou eie potjie te krap. Maar aan die ander kant wil jy selfstandig wees.

As jy nog studeer en nie deeltyds kan werk nie, kan dit finansieel maar moeilik gaan om uit te trek. As jy wel uittrek, kan jy byvoorbeeld nader aan die universiteit wees en meer onafhanklik. Soms verbeter dit ook die verhouding tussen jou en jou ouers omdat julle mekaar dan meer waardeer.

Maar dink eers mooi. Dis nie die einde van die wêreld om by jou ouers te bly terwyl jy studeer nie. Daar is ’n klomp voordele – jy hoef nie te sukkel met kos, ’n vuil kamer en wasgoed nie!


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Podcast: Lisa Kretschmer Discusses Young People's Attitudes Towards Voting

Welcome to the Real World!Lisa Kretschmer, co-author of Welcome to the Real World!, spoke to John Maytham on 567 Cape Talk about voting and young people’s attitudes towards it.

“Voting is a privilege, it’s a right and it is your duty,” Kretschmer said. She says that many young people don’t vote because they feel as though it doesn’t make a difference, but that each vote is like a brick in a wall and the wall is what protects our democracy.

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Uittreksel uit Welcome to the Real World: Dadelik studeer of eers ’n gap-jaar vat?

Welcome to the Real World!Die einde van 2013 is byna hier en talle matrieks staan voor die keuse van wat om volgende jaar te doen: dadelik begin studeer of eers ‘n oorbruggingsjaar (gap-jaar) vat?

In Welcome to the Real World bied Alex Ferguson-Williams en Lisa Kretschmer praktiese raad vir skoolverlaters. Lees die volgende uittreksel uit die boek waarin die skrywers die opsies vir ‘n plaaslike of internasionale oorbruggingsjaar uiteensit, die voor- en nadele van ‘n gap-jaar lys, en raad bied oor hoe om op ‘n instelling vir hoër-onderrig te besluit.

Jy hoef nie oorsee te gaan om ’n goeie oorbruggingsjaar te hê nie. Local is net so lekker, en jy het baie opsies:

• Kry ’n werk en spaar vir jou studies, terwyl jy ook ’n bietjie geldelike vryheid proe. Jy kry terselfdertyd ’n voorsmakie van die werkende wêreld en ’n paar vaardighede by.
• Werk as vrywilliger in minder­bevoorregte gemeen­skappe of help met wild- of natuurbewarings­projekte.


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Win One of Kim Meredith's Three Books on Dealmaking, Including Her Latest Dealonomics

Kim Meredith is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, negotiator and dealmaker, CEO of the Dealmaker Company and author of three books on dealmaking: Deal Diva, The Devil in the Deal and, most recently, Dealonomics.

DealonomicsThe Devil in the DealDeal Diva

Women24 are offering readers the chance to win one of Meredith’s books by simply filling your details in on their site and specifying which book you would like to win out of the three.

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Excerpt on Gap Years from Welcome to the Real World! by Lisa Kretschmer and Alex Ferguson-Williams

Welcome to the Real World!In their book Welcome to the Real World! Lisa Kretschmer and Alex Ferguson-Williams offer young people advice on all the challenges they will face as they enter the real world – from studying to getting a job and many other things.

In this preview of the book, shared on the Welcome to the Real World Facebook page, they give advice on taking a gap year, for travelling or for working, volunteering and doing the things you didn’t have time for before, like getting a passport or driver’s licence.

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