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Nuut: Verstaan jou baba se liggaamstaal en seine met Megan Faure se Jou nuwe baba

Jou nuwe babaBekommer jy jou oor hoekom jou baba huil? Kry jy nie genoeg slaap nie? Geen tyd vir jouself nie?

Jou nuwe baba wys vir jou dat die oplossing vir al hierdie probleme, en baie ander, geleë is in jou begrip van jou baba se liggaamstaal en seine.

Jy kan hierdie kennis gebruik om ‘n buigsame roetine te skep wat om jou baba se behoeftes wentel en waardeur jy ‘n plooibare skedule tot stand bring wat jou kind sal help om rustig en moeiteloos te slaap en kalm te wees wanneer hy of sy wakker is.

  • Leer hoe om ‘n baba-sentriese roetine te skep sodat jy nie spook om jou baba aan die slaap te kry wanneer hy of sy wakker is en wil speel nie
  • Verstaan jou baba se sintuie sodat jy oorstimulasie verhoed – ‘n belangrike oorsaak van koliek
  • Bekom uiters waardevolle raad en gerusstelling by dietopverkoperouteur, moeder en arbeidsterapeut, Megan Faure

Jou nuwe baba bied die sleutel tot jou baba se tevredenheid en slaap deur jou te leer om sy sensoriese wêreld en tekens te verstaan.


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Wenke oor hoe om jou baba te sus uit Megan Faure se Your Sensory Baby

Your Sensory BabyMegan Faure noem in haar boek Your Sensory Baby sewe stappe om jou baba te sus en hom of haar te help om tegnieke vir self-sussing te ontwikkel. Lees meer oor die sewe stappe in Beeld:


Kyk na jou baba se wêreld met sensoriese bewustheid:

Wanneer jou pasgebore baba begin huil, of ongemak toon, moet jy oplet na die dinge wat hy in sy omgewing kan ruik en sien.

Hou jou baba se wêreld dop om te veel stimulasie te verhinder.


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Launch of Your Sensory Baby by Megan Faure at Maximillien Brasserie

Your Sensory Baby - Book Launch Invite

Your Sensory BabyPenguin Books takes pleasure in inviting you to the launch of Megan Faure’s Your Sensory Baby. Topic of talk: Your Sensory Baby – Introducing the 4 sensory personalities. Practical solutions for sleep, crying and development related to your baby’s sensory personality.

Event Details

Book Details

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New Release: Your Sensory Baby by Bestselling Author Megan Faure

Your Sensory BabyYour Sensory Baby is a book that every new mother needs to have in her home. For the first time, bestselling author, mother and occupational therapist, Megan Faure reveals the four sensory personalities and how these match with a parent’s sensory personality.

Worried about why your baby is crying? Not getting enough sleep? No time to yourself? Your Sensory Baby shows you that the answers to all these problems, and more, lie in understanding how to read your baby’s body language and signals.

Stunning photography and easy-to-use graphs and tables help moms to create a baby-centric routine so that they aren’t struggling to get their baby to sleep when he or she is awake and wants to play.

Understanding your baby’s senses will help parents to avoid over-stimulation, a leading cause of colic. Your Sensory Baby reveals the key to your baby’s contentment and sleep, through an understanding of his or her sensory world and signals.

About the Author

Megan Faure is an occupational therapist who has worked in paediatrics in the USA and South Africa for more than a decade. She is an active member of the South African Institute for Sensory Integration (SAISI), and she is the founder and chairperson of the Infant Sensory Integration Training group. Megan has a BSc, OT and OTR, and she lectures to both professionals and parents on various baby and childcare issues. She is an author of three previous books and writes for several regional and national publications in the UK and South Africa. Megan is married with a son and two daughters.

Book details

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Re-issued! Graeme Codrington and Sue Grant-Marshall’s Mind the gap

Mind the GapDue to the enormous success of the original edition of Mind the Gap by Graeme Codrington and Sue Grant-Marshall, Penguin books has decided to re-issue this fantastic guide to the generational gap that will change the way you think.

Fasten your seatbelt for a generational roller coaster ride!

This title is for you if you want to know why: Your 18-year-old son isn’t interested in being a doctor – he wants to save the whale; your grandfather gives you Big Band CDs for your birthday; your secretary knows more than you do; your grandson calls you Peter instead of granddad. In short, this title aims to promote understanding between the generations. This is vitally important in our most defining relationships – those between parents and children. We are so influenced by our parents that understanding them will help us to understand why we are influenced by them – and, therefore, help us to understand ourselves better.

About the Authors

Graeme Codrington studied a BComm at WITS, while doing Chartered Accountancy articles with KPMG. While doing articles and solutions development, Graeme became interested in understanding the so-called “generation gap” – why young people found it so easy to enter the “new economy” and handle technology, while experienced adults could not – and why adults were sceptical, cynical and even hostile. In order to gain some theoretical insights, Graeme turned to the academic study of young people and human interactions. He completed a Bachelor of Theology (Arts) degree (cum laude from University of Zululand), a Licentiate (Honours) (Youth) (cum laude from BTC Southern Africa), and a Masters in Youth Work (cum laude MDiac, from UNISA). He is currently completing his PhD in Business Administration (DBA), with majors in leadership, future studies and international strategy consulting. Graeme works in a wide range of industries as a consultant, presenter and futurist. He does this with two partners, working in a “frameworking” consultancy known as

He has co-authored three books with Penguin: Mind Over Money in 2002, Mind The Gap in 2004 and Future Proof Your Child in 2008.

Sue Grant-Marshall is a freelance journalist who trades as my word! Media. She concentrates on investigative reporting, profiles and feature writing. She’s a regular writer for magazines which include FairLady, Style, True Love and Femina. She won the magazine industry’s Oscars, the Mondi Paper Magazine Awards, so often she was eventually “kicked upstairs” to join the panel of judges. She’s one of only three people in South Africa currently in the Mondi Hall of Fame. She has co-authored two books, published by Penguin: Mind Over Money and Mind The Gap.

Book details

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Sam Cowen Reveals to Vernice Shaw what Her Idea of a Holiday Looks Like


The Irreverent Mothers' HandbookGood Enough MotherAs co-host of Highveld’s Rude Awakening, presenter of Great Expectations on etv, author and mother Sam Cowen is a busy woman. So, which dream vacation does she fantasize about? Vernice Shaw found out…

Where did you spend your last holiday? Mauritius.

What was the best thing you did while there? Swimming in the sea with my children. It’s so calm, warm and blue you can float for ever.

Your favourite city abroad and why? Florence. It’s so romantic, steeped in history and beautiful. If you own an apartment on the river, you’re not allowed to change the colour of the walls of any room overlooking the water, so it stays aesthetically pleasing to passers-by. That’s a city determined to keep itself pristine.

Book details

Image courtesy ParadoxPlace

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Meg Fargher and Helen Dooley’s The Adolescent Storm Launched at The Ridge School

Meg Fargher & Helen Dooley

The Adolescent StormHelen DooleyMeg FargherTracey Minnie, Christine Macleod, Clem Grey, Kate Hampton & Sally JamesWith Jozi nights already getting June-cold, the fire braziers at the launch of Meg Fargher and Helen Dooley’s The Adolescent Storm were a welcome sight. Add to this the moving musical sounds from The Ridge School marimba band and a book launch party was definitely in the offing! It was a capacity crowd of parents, teachers and book fans for this new handbook for parents.

Having eaten, drunk and been merrily entertained, guests collected in the school’s art room to hear headmaster, Paul Channon, welcome everyone, saying “we are most delighted to be associated with the launch of this most wonderful book”.

Penguin’s Tracey MacDonald opened proceedings by first, praising the marimba band, and then talking about the “tumultuous storm” that often awaits the parents of teenagers. She talked of the “overnight metamorphosis of a teenager from a lovely, respectful, obedient beautiful child to a disrespectful, argumentative, disagreeable caterpillar,” saying that, “it is really up to parents to weather the storm in order for the beautiful, young adult butterfly to emerge at the end of it”.

She then introduced Fargher and Dooley’s book by saying that it may just be the answer to many “parental prayers”. Fargher and Dooley took to the podium, with Fargher speaking on behalf of both of them. Fargher shared how the book was born out of many hours of talking to parents when they “co-listened and co-counselled”. They found that “similar parenting issues were occurring often at common times in the year”.

They saw and heard many parents “getting overwrought about pretty typical behaviour, worrying about their teens possibly having a major personality disorder or sleeping sickness, when in fact the diagnosis was simple – adolescence!”

Fargher said that The Adolescent Storm “seeks to make sense of the normal, but challenging time of adolescence”. The book is focused on healthy adolescence and the journey to adulthood, “how parents and teachers can mitigate some of the negative deviations on that journey”. The book includes many real case studies that they have found occur often.

Fargher continued, saying besides recent medical and technological advances, the many issues which adolescents in the 21st century face “are probably as old as the proverbial hills”. She quoted Aristotle who said, “the youth are heated by nature as drunken men by wine”. She talked about Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who advised parents to “keep your hand upon the helm”, and how this idea is an essential tenet of The Adolescent Storm. Fargher emphatically stated that, “There can be no denying that what one does as a parent does matter”.

Ultimately the book looks at how an adolescent should be treated as a “thinking and valued person”. Fargher concluded by saying, “Good parenting builds the next generation and bad parenting can destroy it.” Her speech was warmly received by all present and it seems this handbook will be too. Parents and teachers queued up for over half an hour to buy the book and have both authors sign it for them.

Facebook gallery

Photos 1 – 20 out of 27|Back to Penguin Books Club SA’s Photos

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Book Launch: The Adolescent Storm: A Handbook for Parents

The Adolescent Storm - Launch Invite

The Adolescent Storm: A Handbook for ParentsPenguin Books takes pleasure in inviting you to the launch of The Adolescent Storm: A Handbook for Parents by Meg Fargher and Helen Dooley.

As parents we can do a lot to lessen the negative impact of this sometimes confusing and challenging time in a child’s life, but we need the right tools to help us. Standing firm and holding onto one’s values in the face of bombardment from adolescents, who in turn are facing their own pressures of identity and self doubt, requires a clear head, encouragement … and a handbook.

The Adolescent Storm is that handbook. Meet the authors and get great advice at the launch – see you there!

Event Details

Book Details

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Need Help with Your Teenager? Get The Adolescent Storm: A Handbook for Parents

The Adolescent Storm“I don’t recognise my child. Yesterday he was a sweet, polite boy who smiled a lot. Today he mumbles in monosyllables, shouts at his sister, and never comes out of his room except to raid the fridge.”

Adolescence can be just like a storm: a powerfully disruptive and often chaotic time, especially so for the parents who might not see the storm coming or understand the dynamic when it hits.

As parents we can do a lot to lessen the negative impact of this sometimes confusing and challenging time in a child’s life, but we need the right tools to help us. Standing firm and holding onto one’s values in the face of bombardment from adolescents, who in turn are facing their own pressures of identity and self doubt, requires a clear head, encouragement … and a handbook.

The Adolescent Storm is that handbook. It will:

    • Give you a clearer insight into the process of healthy, age-appropriate adolescent development
    • Help you understand and even enjoy the process of guiding your adolescent through these years
    • Help you to develop a new relationship of trust with your child

About the authors

Helen Dooley holds a PhD from the University of Pretoria and currently consults in private practice in Johannesburg, South Africa. Prior to moving into full time private practice, Helen was a school psychologist for ten years. She has been a psychologist for twelve years.

Meg Fargher holds an MA from the University of the Witwatersrand and taught for fifteen years before becoming principal of St Mary’s School in Johannesburg. As a mediator and someone who assists in dispute resolution, Meg is keenly aware that sometimes the adolescent never really leaves us. As a consultant she is involved in interesting educational and business initiatives and she is passionate about South Africa.

A conclusion they consistently arrive at in the work that they do is that the parents of adolescents often need more guidance than the adolescents themselves. These two authors offer that guidance in The Adolescent Storm.

Book details

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Mom Pass the Broccoli: Cari Corbet-Owen's Tips on How to Get Kids to Eat Right

Child Eating

Mom Pass the BroccoliSometimes it seems that children instinctively gravitate to food that’s bad for them – you never have to beg them to eat ice cream or chocolate or chips. Vegetables are a different story entirely. Cari Corbet-Owen has good news for desperate parents in her book Mom, Pass the Broccoli: How to Empower Your Child with Healthy Eating Habits for Life.

The holidays are especially tempting times – they can devolve into a month of pure sugar overload! So how to cope?

On her blog, Corbet-Owen shares some of her tips from the book:

If you’re looking for idea on children eating healthy, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a subject close to my heart.

No matter where I’ve done workshops, the most common question I get from parents revolves around concerns about their childrens eating. Everywhere I go I hear about finicky eaters, obese children or children who are underweight and I sense the desperation of parents wishing they knew what was best for their children.

Book details

Image courtesy Ditch Diets Live Light

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