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Archive for the ‘Mozambique’ Category

Justin Fox Recommends Mozambique for the Quintessential Summer Holiday

Under the SwayNelia Vivier from Get It chatted to three Capetonians about their dream holidays, including travel journalist and author Justin Fox.

Fox makes a case for Cape Town winters, especially for the surfing, but for a summer holiday with lazy beach days or island explorations he recommends Mozambique. His book, Under the Sway: A photographic journey through Mozambique, documents his many trips to Mozambique and will give you an idea of what to expect.

“During the year I’m quite busy as a full-time writer,” says Justin Fox, “so my days are spent in front of a computer. I’ve been working on a pirate novel for some years now, so although I am physically sitting in my apartment overlooking the lighthouse in Mouille Point, my head is in Somalia with my characters. When I go on holiday, it is normally with a notebook and camera, as my other life is as a travel writer.

“When I was six, my parents took me to Europe for a long summer holiday that ended with a month in Greece staying on Patmos and Santorini. I don’t think I’ve ever really recovered from that wonderful vacation. The travel bug bit me young and has never left, hence my career as a travel writer.

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Excerpt from Dingo Firestorm: The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush War by Ian Pringle

Dingo Firestorm Namibiana Buchdepot have shared an extract from Dingo Firestorm by Ian Pringle.

In this excerpt Pringle hires a Hawker Hunter to simulate some of the fighting that took place in what was then known as Rhodesia.

Deploying virtually an entire air force (61 aircraft) over hostile foreign territory and dropping 184 troops to face an enemy numbering in the thousands in two bold attacks are what in essence make Operation Dingo such a remarkable story. It needed sound intelligence, excellent planning and bold decision-making to pull this operation off. The story that follows is, to the best of my knowledge, a fair and accurate account of what happened. It is primarily a story about people. To tell their story, I have interviewed a selection of key people involved in Dingo. I have also used a variety of sources, both published and unpublished, to bring authenticity to the story. Most of the text within quotation marks is what I have been told; the rest I have drawn from the battle log, autobiographies and previous accounts of the operation. In some cases, such as aircraft radio patter, I have assumed that standard radio language took place.

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Excerpt from Under the Sway by Justin Fox

Under the SwayNamibiana Buchdepot have shared an extract from Under the Sway: A photographic journey through Mozambique by Justin Fox.

In this extract Fox introduces the concept of the book, which was to capture a photographic travelogue of Mozambique:

Introduction: Overlanding in Mozambique, particularly in the remoter parts, offers high adventure. As recently as the 1990s; it could be life-threatening: bandits, landmines, blown bridges and destroyed roads were common obstacles. This I first discovered on a three-week journey from south to north in 1999, which spawned the travelogue With Both Hands Waving and forms the core of this pictorial journey. That trip was a nerve-jangling one, but left me with a deep affection for the country, and a determination to get back as soon as possible. Within a year I’d returned …

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Justin Fox Shares His Top Ten Things to Do in Cape Town

The Marginal SafariUnder the SwayJustin Fox, travel journalist and author of The Marginal Safari: Scouting the edge of South Africa and Under the Sway: A photographic journey through Mozambique, has shared his top ten things to do and see in Cape Town with The Daily Beast.

Starting with the iconic Table Mountain, Fox gives a rundown of some of the Mother City’s many attractions:

Table Mountain
Hiking up this mighty slab of sandstone, a symbol of Cape Town, is almost compulsory for visitors. Choose a clear, wind-free day and take the easiest route to the top along Plattekloof Gorge. Enjoy a cool drink at the cable-station restaurant and feast on the sumptuous views. To save your legs, take the cable car back down to the city.

Mount Nelson Hotel
Also known as the Pink Lady, this grand old establishment has been the favored hotel of royals, politicians, and film stars for more than a century. Set in lovely gardens, it exudes elegance and colonial charm. If the rooms are too pricey, at least try one of the famous afternoon teas.

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Jamala Safari Discusses Leaving the Congo and Coming to South Africa as a Refugee

The Great Agony and Pure Laughter of the GodsBusiness Day’s Penny Haw interviewed Jamala Safari, author of The Great Agony and Pure Laughter of the Gods.

Safari spoke about leaving the Congo and his journey through Tanzania and Mozambique to South Africa. He then explained why he decided to write a fictional account of a similar journey instead of making it autobiographical:

It was only six years ago that Jamala Safari fled the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although, having survived childhood in a country whose history is characterised by violence, genocide and corruption, he was relatively accustomed to the atrocities of civil war, two particular incidents convinced the young man — then an environmental management student barely out of his teens — to flee for places unknown.

One day, while Safari was visiting his uncle, a skirmish broke out between militia and government forces, who were bunkered on either side of the house. For days, Safari and about eight members of the family were trapped between the opposing sides. They lay on the broken glass strewn across the floor of the house to avoid the bullets and grenades.

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Excerpt from Dingo Firestorm by Ian Pringle

Dingo Firestorm Random House Struik has published an extract from Dingo Firestorm: The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush War by Ian Pringle.

The book tells the story of the 1977 Rhodesian army raid, code-named Operation Dingo, on the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army’s headquarters in Mozambique. This excerpt is about the army’s attempt to cross the border into Mozambique:

As the crow flies, the distance from New Sarum to the helicopter assembly point at Lake Alexander is 198 kilometres to the south-east. The Alouettes were fully fuelled to save time at the rendezvous, which meant the helicopters were heavy and slow, initially managing to fly at only 130 kilometres per hour. But as fuel burnt off, the machines became lighter and faster. Allowing for dog-legs to provide deception, the total flying time to the lake would be about one hour and 20 minutes. For Dave Jenkins, peering over the barrels of the twin Browning machine guns in the command helicopter, the flight to Lake Alexander was ‘like any other call-out’. For Norman Walsh, piloting his first operational flight in many a year, the feeling was similar: ‘It felt as if I had never been out of it.’

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Ian Pringle Recreates the Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush War in Dingo Firestorm

Dingo Firestorm New from Zebra Press:

On 23 November 1977, an armada of helicopters and aeroplanes took off from Rhodesian airbases and crossed the border into Mozambique. Their objective: to attack the headquarters of the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army, where thousands of enemy forces were concentrated. Codenamed Operation Dingo, the raid was planned to coincide with a meeting of Robert Mugabe and his war council at the targeted HQ. It would be the biggest conflict of the Rhodesian Bush War.

In this fascinating account, Ian Pringle describes the political and military backdrop leading up to the operation, and he tells the story of the battle through the eyes of key personalities who planned, led and participated in it. Using his own experience as a jet and helicopter pilot and skydiver, he recreates the battle in detail, explaining the performance of men and machines in the unfolding drama of events.

Dingo Firestorm is a fresh, gripping recreation of a major battle in southern African military history.

About the author

After national service in the South African Air Force, Ian Pringle migrated to Rhodesia to work as an industrial chemist and flew aircraft as a hobby. He was drafted into the Police Reserve Air Wing as a pilot, and was involved in numerous enemy contacts.

Pringle read his MBA in the UK and worked for Castrol International and BP plc at a senior executive level, spending much of his career in Asia and Europe. He learnt to fly helicopters and ex-military jets in England. He retired to Cape Town in 2004, bringing two Cold War jets with him, and he teamed up with Thunder City, where he still flies the Hawker Hunter, Buccaneer and aerobatic aircraft

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Introducing Memories at Low Altitude by Mozambican Security Chief Jacinto Veloso

Memories at Low AltitudeA story of war and peace in Mozambique and beyond, Memories at Low Altitude spans four decades of southern African history, from the point of view of one of its main protagonists. Jacinto Veloso participated in the Mozambican liberation struggle and served in Samora Machel’s cabinet after independence, when the region was dominated by civil war and the conflict between East and West.

Veloso’s story covers many fascinating issues of this period, among them: the conflict between FRELIMO and the South African-backed RENAMO; the negotiations that resulted in the Nkomati Accord, in which he was a key participant; the processes that resulted in the withdrawal of Cuban and South African troops from Angola and the independence of Namibia; the impact of post-independence Mozambique’s strictly socialist economy and its subsequent shift to a more market-orientated approach; and the aeroplane crash in which Samora Machel was killed.

Velosa’s insights are particularly interesting given his role in the commission of inquiry into the crash.

About the author

Jacinto Veloso was born in Lourenço Marques (today Maputo). In the 1950s he studied at the Military Academy in Lisbon, where he qualified as an aviation pilot. In 1963, together with João Ferreira, Veloso abandoned Mozambique, piloting a Portuguese Air Force plane to Dar es Salaam and becoming a member of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO). He participated actively in the national liberation struggle and accomplished risky missions abroad. After independence he became National Director of Intelligence Services and Minister of State Security. He has also served as Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of International Cooperation and Minister of Information. In 2005 he was elected by Parliament as a member of the National Defence and Security Council.

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Bridget Hilton-Barber’s Most Memorable Holiday Moments

Travel Guide to Maputo and Southern Mozambique The Sunday Times recently interviewed Bridget Hilton-Barber, the author of Travel Guide to Maputo and Southern Mozambique, about her most memorable holiday experiences:

Where did you spend your last holiday?

Bilene in Mozambique, about two hours north of Maputo.

What was the best thing you did while there?

Sleep in a reed bungalow on the beach, without locked doors, burglar bars, alarms systems or even electricity. Walked and swam, bought fish and prawns from the local fishermen and cold beers from the nearby bar-lounge.

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Bridget Hilton-Barber Describes Falling in Love with Maputo

Travel Guide to Maputo and Southern MozambiqueIn an interview in the Citizen, Bridget Hilton-Barber speaks to Sibusiso Mkwanazi about her new book, Travel Guide to Maputo and Southern Mozambique, and how Maputo managed to transform from a civil war slump to a celebrated tourist destination:

In a week’s time, Joburg will be a ghost town as its residents commence their year- end trek to coastal cities like Durban, Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth.

Author and travel writer Bridget Hilton-Barber has penned the Travel Guide To Maputo & Southern Mozambique, which will steer you away from those potentially overbearing cities.

“I just love how different Maputo is from South African cities,” she says.

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