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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

Jean Fryer Recommends Books to Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

On the Classy Bird blog, Penguin Books South Africa’s Jean Fryer recommended books that will help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions – from eating better and getting more exercise, to travelling more and finally publishing that book.

Dr Luc\'s PromiseThinking Up a HurricaneNavigating Your CareerTravel Guide to Maputo and Southern MozambiqueGet Your Book Published in 30 (relatively) Easy StepsDie Afrikaanse skryfgids

For travel inspiration she recommends, among other titles, Martinique Stilwell’s Thinking Up a Hurricane and Travel Guide to Maputo and Southern Mozambique by Bridget Hilton-Barber. Her diet and exercise prompt is Luc Evenepoel’s Dr Luc’s Promise and her go-to guide to achieve success in life and work is Navigating Your Career: 5 Steps to Success in the New World of Work by Graeme Coddington and Kerry Dawkins.

If you’ve always wanted to publish a book, but need that extra push, Fryer recommends Get Your Book Published in 30 (relatively) Easy Steps by Basil van Rooyen and Die Afrikaanse skryfgids compiled by Riana Scheepers and Leti Kleyn.

Our publicist, Jean Fryer, gives her recommendations for the New Year.

The fireworks have faded, the leftovers are finished and photos of the last holiday of 2012 adorn your Facebook page. So now what?

Alas, it’s time to head back to reality and to face up to those resolutions that were so easy to proclaim to family and friends but may not be as easy to stick to. Never fear though, Penguin Books have a host of titles to help you achieve your goals and to make 2013 the best year yet.

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Podcast: Chai FM Speaks to the Authors of Recognising Postnatal Depression

Recognising Postnatal DepressionChai FM recently talked to the authors of Recognising Postnatal Depression: A Handbook for Mothers – Andy da Costa, Zahava Aarons and Paula Levin. In the following podcast, they discuss therapy options and how couples can cope with the onset of postnatal depression:

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Sue de Groot Speaks to Luc Evenepoel About His Weight Control Book, Dr Luc’s Promise

Dr Luc\'s PromiseSue de Groot, from the Sunday Times, spoke to health and weight-loss guru Dr Luc Evenepoel, author of Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose the Weight and Keep it Off, about his no-fad weight control book which offers 174 tips that will help you to lose weight and keep it off.

The Mount Nelson is not the best place to meet South Africa’s new diet guru, at least not while high tea dominates the lounge. Rivers of cream and syrup flow through buttresses of baked goods. People, women mostly, swarm around this cataract in their Sunday best – though it is Thursday – treat-seeking missiles with sugar in their sights.

I am not a pudding person, but Dr Luc Evenepoel, as it turns out, is. “I like dessert,” he says, ordering tap water as we watch a bridal shower storm the buffet to a marching tune from the piano. “I will never eat a meal without dessert – if the dessert is nice – but then I will order a small main course, or two starters and no main.”

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Introducing Recognising Postnatal Depression: A Handbook for Mothers

Recognising Postnatal Depression“Having a baby is hard for everyone. And for some women it’s worse than hard – it’s a living hell.”

Did you know that postnatal depression (PND) may affect as many as 30 percent of mothers?

PND is a widely misunderstood illness, but it is treatable. In Recognising Postnatal Depression journalist Paula Levin, clinical psychologist Zahava Aarons, and Doctor Andy Taub-Da Costa contribute their own personal experience and expertise in the area of PND. They explain just what this illness is, how to recognise it and the best ways to achieve recovery of body, mind and spirit. It is a handbook for mothers.

The journey to motherhood is sometimes clouded with unrealistic expectations and society’s unfair judgement of any woman who isn’t immediately blissfully happy with her new baby. PND is believed to affect as many as 30 percent of mothers, but partners, children, extended family, friends and colleagues all feel its ripple effect, and many mothers do not know, or do not wish to acknowledge, that this misunderstood illness can be treated just like any other.

Women from different walks of life — Sam Cowen, Debora Patta, Busi Mahlaba to name a few — agreed to share with the authors, and now with the reader, their tough yet transformative experiences of PND, offering hope and encouragement, and revealing the power of healing through openness and the telling of their stories.

About the authors

Zahava Aarons is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice since 1997. Since experiencing PND herself in 2001 and mid-2004 she has worked extensively with women suffering from the condition.

Over the past 17 years Dr Andy Taub-Da Costa’s work has ranged from running the Milpark Hospital Trauma Unit, working at the Alexandra Township Clinic and working as a general practitioner in private practice. Fourteen years ago she experienced PND and has been working with women and families ever since. Andy is also a Martha Beck Master Life Coach.

Paula Levin is the editor of Jewish Life Magazine. Also a survivor of PND, Paula has first-hand experience with this illness and is committed to helping other women.

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Video: Dr Luc Discusses the Logic of Weight Loss and Tips for All-round Health

Dr Luc\'s PromiseDr Luc Evenepoel, author of Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose the Weight and Keep it Off, was interviewed about his book on Expresso’s “Motivational Monday” show. Evenepoel explained how “dieting” is a very recent convention, although many assume it is a natural part of life.

He says most weight loss programmes are not sustainable and quotes the fact that 95% of traditional dieters put the weight back on within 4 years. In the two-part video series below, Dr Luc explains how his book offers practical and scientific advice, which guarantees long-term success and all-round health. Watch:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Dr Luc also featured in an article by Andrea Nagel, which looks at the “logic” of his approach to weight loss:

The first chapter of Dr Luc Evenepoel’s new book, Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose the weight & keep it off, makes the claim that ”this is not just another weight-loss book”. In fact, Evenepoel is an anaesthetist, not a dietician.

The book, he says, is not about dieting, nor is it about losing weight. It is about how to change your lifestyle, including your mind-set, to keep the weight off.

As a child in Belgium, Evenepoel suffered from terrible hayfever and attendant headaches.

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Podcast: Dr Luc Speaks to Sue-Grant Marshall About Losing the Weight and Keeping it Off

Dr Luc\'s PromiseDr Luc Evenepoel, author of Dr Luc’s Promise, spoke to Radio Today’s Sue Grant-Marshall about his guide to long-term health and weight loss:

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Podcast: Dr Luc Discusses His Unique Approach to Weight Loss

Dr Luc's PromiseDr Luc Evenepoel was recently interviewed by Chai FM where he spoke about his new book, Dr Luc’s Promise, an effective guide to losing weight that guarantees long-term success. Listen to the podcast:

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Making a Mom’s Life Easier: An Interview with Megan Faure

Jou nuwe babaYour Sensory BabyPenguin Books South Africa recently spoke to bestselling author, Megan Faure, whose essential parenting guide, Your Sensory Baby, was published in Afrikaans as Jou nuwe baba last month.

Faure, an Occupational Therapist and founder of Baby Sense, reveals the inspiration behind her books, saying she loves knowing that they “make a mom’s life easier”:

What, or who, inspired you to write this book?

I would have to say my children, James (13), Alexandra (11) and Emily (6). I had studied infants’ neurological development and treated babies but until I had my own I had no idea how hard being a mom would be. James was a challenge as a little baby and I really needed to understand why he was crying and how to settle him and get him to sleep well. By the time Alex came along, I really had a firm grasp of soothing techniques and establishing good sleep habits. I wanted to share this knowledge. My books are based on both my studies into infant behaviour and practical experience as a therapist and mom. I love knowing that my books make a mom’s life easier, because there truly is no harder or more important work in the world than being a parent.

My earliest memory is…

Of a family dinner at my grandparents’ home. I remember being allowed a Coke and drinking it straight out of the little glass bottle – this was such a treat. My grandmother used to ring the bell for dinner to be served and we felt terribly grown up.

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Luc Evenepoel Shares Hard Science and Personal Wisdom at Launch of Dr Luc’s Promise

Luc Evenepoel

The launch of Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose the Weight and Keep it Off by Luc Evenepoel at Beautifull Life in Cape Town last week was a glamorous affair.

Dr Luc\'s PromiseThe audience was treated to a delicious assortment of canapés, strawberries dipped in chocolate and grilled prawns – an array of healthy and tasty foods which reflect an integral part of Dr Luc’s approach to weight loss. Introducing and welcoming the author, Penguin publicist Candice Wiggett said this was “not a diet book at all”. Based on sound science, Wiggett explained how the book offers readers terrific insights into weight control alongside practical advice that is easy to follow and guarantees results.

“Importantly,” said Wiggett, “there are no financial spin-offs attached to the sale of this book: no products for sale, no pills, no potions, no meal packs or nutritional supplements accompanying the sale of this book. Through this book the reader comes to realise how our own physiology can work its magic if we allow it to do so.”

Dr Luc Evenepoel introduced the audience to the concepts covered in his book with a brilliant audiovisual presentation that debunked a number of old chestnuts about diets and nutrition. Funny, good-looking and charming, Evenepoel kept the audience enchanted with his facts and figures and personal experience of the dieting business.

This book has been written for the one billion people on the planet that are overweight. Take heart if you are one of them. Dr Luc’s Promise offers practical commonsense and attainable wisdom that will make a difference.

* * * * * * * *

Liesl Jobson tweeted from the launch using #livebooks:

#livebooks Here at Beautifull Life for the launch of Dr Luc’s Promise #drlucspromise Jan 26 16:21:52 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Not a diet book, but an honest account of weight control. This book shows how one’s own physiology can serve one in health.Thu Jan 26 16:33:03 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks After TV, 75% of women had tried dieting in Fiji. Eating disorders previously unheard of appeared in just 3 yrs of exposure to TVThu Jan 26 16:38:07 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Diets not the way to go for slimmers. Do we want to be slim because society expects this? He cites Fijian study on effects of TV.Thu Jan 26 16:36:28 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Dr Luc shows photos of 1951 Miss World, where finalists have fat around their knees. In 70s, more toned look. By 90s, waifs!Thu Jan 26 16:39:27 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Relax about your weight, says Dr Luc. Desperate measures are not sustainable, they are destructive.Thu Jan 26 16:42:18 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks How to find ideal weight? Simply losing 5 kg and keeping it off has great health benefits. Getting to ideal weight not necessary.Thu Jan 26 16:44:52 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks #drlucspromise All diets are unsustainable because diet removes you from what you are used to. Deprivation doesn’t work.Thu Jan 26 16:48:29 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Why we eat is important. Eat when hungry. Did you ever see fat squirrel, springbok, cheetah? We eat for hunger only 35% of time.Thu Jan 26 16:57:19 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Overweight comes from eating small amounts extra every day. Just a little bit too much every day leads to weight gain.Thu Jan 26 17:04:03 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Approach weight loss the same way as weight gain, eat just a little bit less every day so that you’re on diet without knowing it.Thu Jan 26 17:05:19 via Twitter for iPad

#livebooks Stress is a big deal in weight gain. Eat for 20 minutes, meal as celebration, no cellphone, TV, books, and never eat on the run.Thu Jan 26 17:09:37 via Twitter for iPad

* * * * * * * *

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Dr Luc Explains How He Cured His Childhood Ailments by Changing His Diet

Dr Luc\'s PromiseDr Luc Evenepoel, author of Dr Luc’s Promise, spoke to East Coast Radio about his new book and how important diet is for overall health. Dr Luc says that his interest in food began when he discovered he could cure his childhood ailments by making changes to his diet. Having then studied medicine, Dr Luc says he felt it was important to inform the public about the scientific truths behind weight loss.

Read the interview:

Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose the weight and Keep it off by Dr Luc Evenepoel is the perfect book to help you lose and keep off the unwanted weight! Charis Apelgren chatted to the doctor about his book, his weight-loss tips and found out how sleeping helps people shed the pounds.

Did you know in a butter croissant the butter is actually the good part for you or that you lose weight from spending more time sleeping?

Dr. Luc also has his own website where he shares various tips and tricks for weight loss. In one blog post, he reveals how changing your crockery can make you lose up to 10 kilos or more!

Which dot is bigger, the one on the left or the one on the right?

Actually, they are the same size. The one on the right just looks bigger, because it has been placed inside a smaller outside circle. This is called the size-contrast illusion.

This illusion can actually make you lose 10 kilograms or more in a year!

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