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Tim Noakes joins Penguin Random House South Africa authors to make Banting more affordable


Penguin Random House South Africa (PRHSA) is proud to announce that Professor Tim Noakes will co-write his next Banting book with PRHSA authors Bernadine Douglas and Bridgette Allan.

The Banting Pocket Guide will be published in partnership with The Noakes Foundation (TNF) early in 2017.

Noakes, who started the Banting revolution in South Africa, and TNF are passionate about making the Banting lifestyle affordable and accessible to all South Africans. Douglas and Allan share this objective and have already made the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet more inclusive with their books The Banting Solution and Die Banting-oplossing, published early in 2016.

The Banting SolutionDie Banting-oplossing

The Banting Pocket Guide will be user-friendly and provide all the tips and advice readers will need to start, successfully conclude and maintain their Banting diet. It will also offer more affordable solutions and include products that are more accessible to people of all walks of life. The author trio and TNF are also planning further Banting titles in this line with PRHSA.

On his decision to join PRHSA and The Banting Solution authors Douglas and Allan, Noakes says:

The focus of TNF’s Eat Better South Africa! campaign is to take the Banting Revolution to all South Africans. I am very appreciative of the chance to partner with Bernadine and Bridgette to advance our common goal – to help all South Africans understand that what we eat each day is a key determinant of our long-term health. This book provides practical information of how we can eat high-quality, healthy foods, even on a restricted food budget.

PRHSA is thrilled to have TNF on board. The foundation is a non-profit corporation founded for public benefit. Its aims are to advance medical science’s understanding of the benefits of a LCHF diet by providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition that is free from commercial agenda. Jayne Bullen, manager of TNF says: “We are excited about this new partnership to support dietary changes needed in all populations with a clear message of Ubuntu behind it. Noakes’s proceeds from this book will go towards the TNF’s Eat Better South Africa!”

Douglas and Allan feel very privileged to have Noakes and his foundation involved in their next book. Allan said: “With the involvement of Tim and his fantastic team I am tremendously excited at the potential that The Banting Pocket Guide has to improve health across South Africa.” Douglas added: “It’s an absolute honour to have Prof. Noakes and The Noakes Foundation on board to take a healthy lifestyle to the next level.”

PRHSA is also looking forward to publishing the follow-up to Noakes’s Challenging Beliefs in 2017. The new book will include more on the LCHF diet and the highly controversial HPCSA trial.

Book details

  • Die Banting-oplossing: Jou laekoolhidraat-gids vir permanente gewigsverlies by Bernadine Douglas, Bridgette Allan
    EAN: 9781776090365
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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Penguin Random House SA Launches New eBook Store Powered by Snapplify

Penguin Random House South Africa (PRHSA) today announced the launch of their new eBook Store, in partnership with the digital publishing platform, Snapplify.

The eBook store will have a range of local titles on offer: fiction and non-fiction, lifestyle and nature, and much, much more. The official launch will take place at the South African Book Fair, which starts tomorrow.

Mark Seabrook, digital director of PRHSA, says the aim of the eBook store is to offer readers “ongoing value and a high quality digital reading experience across all platforms and devices”.

Wesley Lynch, CEO of Snapplify, says Snapplify is proud to be associated with PRHSA: “We look forward to our teams working together to innovate in the South African eBook market.”

To access the store, simply follow the link, and access your favourite titles today:

Low Carb is LekkerSasol Birds of Southern AfricaChallenging BeliefsArctic SummerKilling for Profit


This morning, Seabrook and Lynch participated in a panel discussion on the shift in eBook business models at the Footnote Summit in Johannesburg. Joining them on the panel was Ben Williams, Sunday Times Books Editor and founder of Books LIVE, and Melvin Kaabwe, Digital Manager of Van Schaik Bookstores.

Here are a few tweets from the discussion. Follow the hashtag #FootnoteSummit for more:


* * * * * * * *

Press release:

Penguin Random House South Africa (PRHSA), the largest trade publisher in the country, has just launched a new eBook store for the South African market, focused on local titles.

The eBook store offers the publisher’s full catalogue. Readers can choose from leading SA fiction, non-fiction, lifestyle and nature titles including: Low Carb is Lekker, Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, Challenging Beliefs, Arctic Summer and Killing for Profit.

Mark Seabrook, digital director of PRHSA, said: “We believe there is an opportunity within the eBook retailer landscape to focus on local titles. The Snapplify technology gives us the ability to engage directly with readers, offering them ongoing value and a high quality digital reading experience across all platforms and devices.”

The eBook store seamlessly integrates with a complete suite of eBook reader apps for mobile (iOS and Android), desktop (Mac and PC) and web. Purchases are automatically synced to your app library, and the reader app allows searching, notes, highlights and bookmarks. Reading progress is synced across devices, so readers can easily pick up where they left off.

“Snapplify is proud to be associated with Penguin Random House SA and their list of bestselling titles and authors. We look forward to our teams working together to innovate in the South African eBook market,” said Wesley Lynch, CEO of Snapplify.

The eBook store officially launches at the South African Book Fair taking place in Johannesburg from 31 July to 2 August 2015. Customers who register at the PRHSA stand during the Book Fair will get a free eBook to get their digital library started.

For more information, contact Luyanda Sibisi at or 011 327-3550. For more information, visit


Book details

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Wat is die korrekte hoeveelheid gewig om per week te verloor? Adriaan Liebenberg vertel

Die Breinchirurg se dieetThe Brain Surgeon's DietHoeveel energie bevat vet? Is daar enige goeie koolhidrate? Wat is die korrekte hoeveelheid gewig om per week te verloor? Beteken gewigsverlies dat alle wegneemetes taboe is, of is daar veiliger opsies om te koop?

Vrouekeur se Maryke Roberts het onlangs hierdie vrae aan Die Breinchirurg se dieet-outeur Adriaan Liebenberg gestel. Hy deel sy bekwame opinie – wat breedvoerig gelees kan word in sy boek, ‘n realistiese, stap-vir-stap gids aan lesers wat gewig wil verloor – en gesels oor wat hy self in die proses van gewigsverlies geleer het. Liebenberg se boek is ook in Engels beskikbaar as The Brain Surgeon’s Diet.

Lees die artikel om uit te vind wat Liebenberg sê:

Wat is die korrekte hoeveelheid gewig om per week te verloor?

Dis 0,5 tot 1 kg per week. Jy kan dit vinniger doen, maar hoe gouer jy dit verloor, hoe onvolhoubaarder is die gewigsverlies. Om 20 kg te verloor, en dit permanent af te hou, sal dit realisties wees om 40 tot 60 weke toe te laat.


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Don’t Call Yourself Chubby – Adriaan Liebenberg Shares His Weight-loss Tips (Podcast)

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetAdriaan Liebenberg, neurosurgeon and author of The Brain Surgeon’s Diet, recently spoke to Yolanda Maartens on the Mommy Matters show on OFM about losing weight and keeping in off for good.

The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is also available in Afrikaans as Die Breinchirurg se dieet and provides a personal and sometimes painful account of Liebenberg’s weight-loss struggle.

Liebenberg says that the photo on the cover of his book doesn’t do him justice – he gained another 30 kilograms after it was taken. “My weight was destroying my whole life,” he says.

At this point Liebenberg decided to make a change. He says that the first step is to acknowledge that you are fat – don’t use euphemisms like chubby or pretend like you’re okay with being obese.

Listen to the podcast for more tips and guidelines on losing weight:

In the second part of the podcast the doctor explains why fad diets are so popular: “The problem is that fat people are easy targets and it’s very easy to make money out of them because they’re desperate.” He says that “as a former fat person” he takes exception to this behaviour and argues that people need to protect each other.

Liebenberg also explains the coping mechanisms employed by people who are overweight, for example making fun of themselves or pretending to be happy – acting like a clown or a politician.

Listen to the podcast:

Book details

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Cyber Infidelity Busts the Sexual Myth That Women Cheat Less

Ageing and SexualityDr Eve has launched a video series, Dr Eve’s Sexual Health Centre, in which she addresses myths about sexuality.

Dr Eve, whose most recent book is Ageing and Sexuality: Your 21st Century Guide to Lifelong Sensuality, says she used to buy into the myth that women cheat less than men. However, during her research into cyber infidelity, she says she has discovered that the truth is far more complicated.

With a focus on the users of Ashley Madison, an online dating service for people who in a relationship – with the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair.” – Dr Eve says 76 percent of women using the site then go offline to meet a partner.

Dr Eve believes an equalisation is happening between men and women when it comes to cheating.

“About 63 percent of men and 53 percent of women are cheating,” she says.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Book details

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Excerpt: Tips and Tricks for Shopping, Cooking and Eating at Home from The Brain Surgeon’s Diet

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetAdriaan Liebenberg has shared tips for healthy eating on his website, including a guide and list for shopping, tricks for healthier cooking and eating at home and a list of nutrient-dense foods you should include in your diet.

In a market flooded with quick-fix solutions for weight loss and healthy living, Dr Liebenberg, an internationally recognised neurosurgeon, provides an easy, safe and healthy alternative: use your brain to lose weight. He is the author of The Brain Surgeon’s Diet, available in Afrikaans as Die Breinchirurg se dieet.

Read Liebenberg’s tips and tricks, excerpted from his book:


Ground rules (these are unbreakable rules):

Shop on a full tummy and never when you are hungry. You know why.

Make a list – category of food by category of food and base this on your week’s planned meals.

For instance:


Monday – chicken breasts (4)
Tuesday – beef steak (1000 g)
Wednesday – vegetable bake, no meat
Thursday – salmon fillets (4)
Friday – pasta, no meat

Pastrami and lean turkey cold meat for sandwiches during the week

Book details

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Adriaan Liebenberg: Weight Loss is 80 Percent What You Eat, 20 Percent Exercise

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetPenguin Books recently did an interview with Adriaan Liebenberg about his book, The Brain Surgeon’s Diet.

Liebenberg says that weight loss is 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent exercise. The internationally renowned neurosurgeon explains how you can break bad habits like emotional eating and maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the food you love.

The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is also available in Afrikaans as Die Breinchirurg se dieet. The author offers tips on how to use base human emotions to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Read the article:

Q: Every time I look in the mirror I feel like none of my dieting and exercise is helping, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I find that the base human emotions work the best. I always have some instance or somebody in mind when I try and motivate myself. The smirking face of someone who finds you distasteful, the look of admiration in a partner’s eyes when I did something good or a situation that I would like to unfold or would like to forget.

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Video: Dr Eve Busts the Myth of the Sexless Marriage

Ageing and SexualityDr Eve, sex therapist and author of Ageing and Sexuality: Your 21st Century Guide to Lifelong Sensuality, has shared a video in which she discusses the myth that married people have less sex than their single counterparts.

There is a popular notion that once a couple is married, the sex stops. But contrary to popular belief, people in fact have more sex when they are married. Dr Eve explains why.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Karin Human Shares Her Progress on The Brain Surgeon’s Diet 16-Week Weight-Loss Challenge

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetIn January this year the author of The Brain Surgeon’s Diet invited South Africans of all shapes and sizes to embark on a 16-Week Weight-Loss Challenge.

Karin Human rose to the challenge and has shared her experience of following Adriaan Liebenberg’s life-changing advice on her blog, c’est la vie.

With only #15weeksand5days to go, Human writes about reading The Brain Surgeon’s Diet twice before embarking on the challenge and carrying a notebook with her to document her progress.

The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is also available in Afrikaans as Die Breinchirurg se dieet and aims to help you change the way you think about food and fitness forever.

Read the article:

So I read The Brain Surgeon’s Diet book twice before I started the challenge. I re-read a great deal of it yesterday and again today.

I carry it with me 24/7 and bound to it with an elastic is my new friend, the notebook, in which I strictly follow the little verse “if you bite it, you write it”. By keeping it with me I ensure that I don’t forget because it is so easy to slip a sweet into your mouth or eat an apple and forget.

Even after only 2 days I already know the exact kj when I have a coffee with frothed milk, I know what a spoon of sugar counts as, I even found out something today – pumpkin seeds … yo … that 50g came at quite a high price. So you think when you chew on seeds all day it is ok? Can you see me … I am shaking my head … not ok!

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Podcast: The Brain Surgeon’s Diet by Adriaan Liebenberg is a Lifestyle Choice, not a Quick-Fix

The Brain Surgeon's DietDie Breinchirurg se dieetAdriaan Liebenberg recently told Nancy Richards on SAfm about the uphill battle that overweight people face every day.

Liebenberg shares his personal story of struggle and victory: “I could never understand how I could be successful in my career and successful in other fields but I couldn’t control my weight.”

The author of The Brain Surgeon’s Diet explains that an unhealthy relationship with food, not the food itself, causes people to gain weight. This behavioural issue will not be altered by quick-fix solutions. “It takes us many years to get fat and it will take us many years to get thin again.”

The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is also available in Afrikaans as The Brain Surgeon’s Diet and aims to help you train your brain to make sound, healthy lifestyle choices.

Listen to the podcast:

Book details

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