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Archive for the ‘Food’ Category

Nostalgies, humoristies en hartroerend: Wat die hart van vol is deur Peter Veldsman en Elmari Rautenbach

Wat die hart van vol isWat die hart van vol is: Herinneringsreise van ‘n fynkok deur Peter Veldsman, met Elmari Rautenbach, is nou beskikbaar by Penguin:

’n Wydlopende herinneringsreis, deurspek met staaltjies, deur een van ons land se fynkospioniers …

Met erfeniskos wat deesdae internasionaal hoogmode is, staan een kok uit: Peter Veldsman. As enigste kind op ’n plaas in die Klein-Karoo het Peter ’n fyn waarnemingsvermoë en goddelose sin vir humor ontwikkel. Die resultaat is eindeloos vermaaklike stories oor die kos en mense in sy lewe, van sy dae as kosredakteur van die tydskrif Sarie, waar Peter twee generasies Afrikaanse vroue voor die stoof touwys gemaak het, toe as kosskrywer van Rapport en, uiteindelik, as “Mister V”, eienaar van Emily’s, waar hy hom amper 20 jaar lank beywer het om van streekskos fynkos te maak en só ’n formidabele restaurant-nalatenskap gevestig het.

Baie van die stories is snaaks. Ander is soet-nostalgies. Sommige kyk eerlik na kwessies ná aan sy hart, soos gay-wees en die kerk. En tog, al het hy al vir bekendes en selfs beroemdes gekook en die wêreld deurkruis op soek na nuwe smake, is dit sy tante Julia en haar “koskys” wat hy steeds die helderste voor die oog roep, sy Skotse ouma, en die dag toe hy as ’n vierjarige op sy oupa se plaas in die Klein-Karoo die eerste keer ’n doukomkommer tussen sy tande geknars het …

Nostalgies, humoristies en hartroerend – ’n boek wat jou terugvat na Ouma se kombuis, maar dan ook die drumpel oor, na die wye wêreld daarbuite.


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Tim Noakes joins Penguin Random House South Africa authors to make Banting more affordable


Penguin Random House South Africa (PRHSA) is proud to announce that Professor Tim Noakes will co-write his next Banting book with PRHSA authors Bernadine Douglas and Bridgette Allan.

The Banting Pocket Guide will be published in partnership with The Noakes Foundation (TNF) early in 2017.

Noakes, who started the Banting revolution in South Africa, and TNF are passionate about making the Banting lifestyle affordable and accessible to all South Africans. Douglas and Allan share this objective and have already made the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet more inclusive with their books The Banting Solution and Die Banting-oplossing, published early in 2016.

The Banting SolutionDie Banting-oplossing

The Banting Pocket Guide will be user-friendly and provide all the tips and advice readers will need to start, successfully conclude and maintain their Banting diet. It will also offer more affordable solutions and include products that are more accessible to people of all walks of life. The author trio and TNF are also planning further Banting titles in this line with PRHSA.

On his decision to join PRHSA and The Banting Solution authors Douglas and Allan, Noakes says:

The focus of TNF’s Eat Better South Africa! campaign is to take the Banting Revolution to all South Africans. I am very appreciative of the chance to partner with Bernadine and Bridgette to advance our common goal – to help all South Africans understand that what we eat each day is a key determinant of our long-term health. This book provides practical information of how we can eat high-quality, healthy foods, even on a restricted food budget.

PRHSA is thrilled to have TNF on board. The foundation is a non-profit corporation founded for public benefit. Its aims are to advance medical science’s understanding of the benefits of a LCHF diet by providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition that is free from commercial agenda. Jayne Bullen, manager of TNF says: “We are excited about this new partnership to support dietary changes needed in all populations with a clear message of Ubuntu behind it. Noakes’s proceeds from this book will go towards the TNF’s Eat Better South Africa!”

Douglas and Allan feel very privileged to have Noakes and his foundation involved in their next book. Allan said: “With the involvement of Tim and his fantastic team I am tremendously excited at the potential that The Banting Pocket Guide has to improve health across South Africa.” Douglas added: “It’s an absolute honour to have Prof. Noakes and The Noakes Foundation on board to take a healthy lifestyle to the next level.”

PRHSA is also looking forward to publishing the follow-up to Noakes’s Challenging Beliefs in 2017. The new book will include more on the LCHF diet and the highly controversial HPCSA trial.

Book details

  • Die Banting-oplossing: Jou laekoolhidraat-gids vir permanente gewigsverlies by Bernadine Douglas, Bridgette Allan
    EAN: 9781776090365
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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Cover revealed for Marita van der Vyver’s new novel to be published early 2017

Marita van der Vyver’s new novel to be published early 2017Marita van der Vyver’s new novel to be published early 2017
Swemlesse vir 'n meerminA Fountain in FranceOlinosters op die dakDie coolste ouma op aardeWinter Food in ProvenceWinterkos in Provence

Penguin Random House will be publishing Marita van der Vyver’s 13th novel, You Lost Me, early in 2017 in English and Afrikaans.

The author, who lives in France, will be in South Africa to promote the novel in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria in March and May 2017. Readers will also have the opportunity to see her in Stellenbosch during Woordfees, and at the Franschhoek Literary Festival.

You Lost Me is the story of Willem Prins, a disillusioned South African writer who, after little success, finds himself in Paris to promote an erotic novel he wrote under a pseudonym – to his great embarrassment. It’s here that he meets Jackie, a young South African who works in the city as au pair. The two of them happen to be together on the night that the Paris terror attacks strike.

You Lost Me is contemporary and thrilling; wickedly funny yet poignant. The novel reinforces Van der Vyver’s position as one of the country’s best-loved writers since the publication of her first novel, Entertaining Angels.

Related stories:

Photograph by Robert Hamblin for Vrouekeur

Book details

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Enough white noise – Evita Bezuidenhout considers racism, inequality and privilege

Evita's BlackBessieEvita\'s Bossie SikelelaEvita se Bossie Sikelela

“Hi, my name is Evita and I’m a racist” – Evita Bezuidenhout has written an article for The Guardian about white privilege.

In the piece, an edited version of a speech given to the Cape Town Press Club, Evita asks whether white South Africans are prepared to take the back seat in South Africa.

Read the article:

The only way for an alcoholic to confront the disease of alcoholism is to admit it: I drink therefore I will not drink. Then surely one way for a racist to confront that disease is to be honest: I am a racist therefore I will not be a racist.

I will not judge people because of the colour of their skin, or how they dress, or what they eat. I will not be a racist in the city traffic when the township taxi cuts in front of me. I will not be a racist when politics passes me by. I will not believe in the innate superiority of my race.

I was born in South Africa in 1935 into a racist family. I went to a racist school and a racist church. My God was a racist and so was his Son. I married into a racist family. I became the wife of a racist member of a racist parliament who served in the racist cabinet of a racist prime minister and praised by a racist press.

My children were brought up as racists. In fact, till my 59th year and the country’s first democratic election, if I hadn’t been a racist I would have been locked up in jail as a communist or a terrorist.

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How to Bant on a budget: The Banting Solution: Your Low-Carb Guide To Permanent Weight Loss

The Banting SolutionThe Banting Solution: Your Low-Carb Guide To Permanent Weight Loss by Bernadine Douglas and Bridgette Allan is now available from Penguin Books:

At last, the Banting book that will answer ALL your questions about the banting lifestyle AND provide you with the solution to permanent weight loss!

The Banting Solution not only explains what Banting is all about, but also:

• answers Banters’ most pressing questions;
• busts the myths that have cropped up around Banting;
• provides helpful meal plans and Banting-friendly food lists;
• helps us understand food labels; and
• teaches us how to Bant on a budget.

Most importantly, it teaches us how to get rid of those unwanted kilos and keep them off forever! With solid research supported by actual case studies and before-and-after photographs, readers will now be able to access all the information they need about Banting in just one book.

Book details

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Watch Part 1 of Evita's Free Speech for Her Reflection on #FeesMustFall

“It’s Sunday and #FeesHaveFallen (and so did the Springboks!) But you know last week was not history repeating itself.”

Evita's Bossie SikelelaElections and ErectionsBetween the Devil and the DeepNever Too NakedEvita's BlackBessie

Evita Bezuidenhout, the most famous white woman in South Africa, was inspired by the students who participated in last week’s #FeesMustFall protest and decided to exercise her right to free speech. Every Sunday leading up to the 2016 South African Municipal Elections, she will give a recap of the week’s news in a series of videos entitled Evita’s Free Speech.

“I think the only free thing we really have is free speech and we saw a lot of that in the last few days,” Evita says.

“My three little grandchildren, my born frees (not black, not white, Barack Obama beige), they said to me stop complaining in the kitchen, stop moaning in your letters to the newspapers, nobody listens, nobody reads.” This is why Evita decided to “get onto the internet highway” and share her opinions with the world.

Evita believes that free educations starts at home, and says when her grandchildren protest again, “this time I will march with them”.

Watch part 1 of Evita’s Free Speech video series:

YouTube Preview Image

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Video: Justin Bonello Shows Suzelle DIY How to Make Banana Splits on the Braai – with Brandy of Course!

Road TrippingJustin Bonello and Suzelle DIY are well-known for their expertise in and outside the kitchen – so what happens when two firecrackers collide? Sparks fly!

Suzelle invited Bonello to show her how to make Braaied Banana Brandy Splits, or if you’d prefer Suzelle’s name for Bonello’s recipe, Braaied Brandy Banana Splits. (Hers makes more sense, doesn’t it?)

To cook like Bonello, you will need: Bananas, brandy, a braai and syringes (don’t worry, this recipe is 100 percent safe).

In the video, Bonello demonstrates how to inject the brandy into the bananas and at the end the two cooks show their results. You can decide which dessert looks more appetising.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Book details

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There’s It! Win a Copy of Road Tripping in a Justin Bonello and Suzelle DIY Hamper

Justin Bonello and Suzelle DIY competition

Road TrippingPenguin Random House South Africa is giving away a copy of Road Tripping by Justin Bonello and Helena Lombard, along with goodies from Bonello and Suzelle DIY.

The hamper includes a Suzelle DIY mug, all the ingredients to prepare Petrus Madutlela’s Upside Down Banana dessert and a “braai master” mystery prize.

To stand a chance to win, all you have to do is enter your details on the company’s website:

Competition closes 4 September, 2015.

Book details

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Justin Bonello’s Roads Less Travelled Excels at the 2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Roads Less TravelledJustin Bonello is taking the world by storm!

The author and adventurer’s cookbook, Roads Less Travelled: Ultimate Braai Master, placed third in the Best Television Authors and Chefs category at the 2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

The winners were announced on Tuesday, 9 June, in Yantai, China. Bonello is a filmmaker, chef and television personality, as well as the author and Head of Production at Cooked in Africa Films. Roads Less Travelled: Ultimate Braai Master is the ultimate book for every guy or girl that’s ever lit a fire.

Have a look at all the winners from this year’s Gourmand World Cookbook Awards:


Book details

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New Edition of the Ultimate Book for Curry-lovers: Curry by Vivek Singh, Sas Sreedharan and David Thompson

CurryPenguin is proud to announce a revised edition of Curry by Vivek Singh, Sas Sreedharan and David Thompson – an indispensable guide to cooking fragrant dishes from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia:

Presenting a new edition of this ultimate cookbook for curry-lovers!

Take your taste buds on a global curry adventure. Invite top chefs, writers and cooks into your kitchen, from Vivek Singh (The Cinnamon Club), Das Sreedharan (Rasa Restaurants) to David Thompson (Nahm) and they’ll share their secrets for authentic, taste-tingling curries that are easy to create at home.

Learn how to make authentic dishes like Thai green jungle curry, chicken makhani and South African bunny chow. You’ll discover which ingredients make each dish special, and follow step-by-step techniques that make every recipe clear. This updated edition comes with 20 brand new recipes with new step-by-step sequences.

Tried and tested by experts using readily available ingredients and exquisite flavours – red hot results are guaranteed every time.

Book details

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