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Archive for the ‘Drama’ Category

Red in the Rainbow, an Exhibition based on Lynn Carneson's Biography, Returns to Cape Town

Red in the Rainbow: The Life and Times of Fred and Sarah CarnesonThe exhibition Red in the Rainbow is returning to Cape Town, where it was first launched in 2012.

The exhibition is about the life of Lynn Carneson and her anti-apartheid activist parents, and uses Red in the Rainbow: The Life and Times of Fred and Sarah Carneson as its source.

The exhibition will be opened by Honourable Judge Albie Sachs on Saturday, 25 July, at 10 AM. It is at the Iziko Slave Lodge and will run until the end of August next year.

Carneson says this about the exhibition: “Freedom from injustice has now become freedom to create the kind of South Africa we want. The triumph of the human spirit through years of adversity is still relevant today, and history can be a meaningful way to help us create and realise our dreams”.

Event Details

Press Release

Red in the Rainbow returns to Cape Town Iziko Slave Lodge, 25 July 2015 until 31 August 2016.

Red in the Rainbow is an exhibition, based on the true-life story of renowned South African author Lynn Carneson, daughter of Fred and Sarah Carneson, key anti-apartheid activists and fiercely committed members of the Communist Party who played an integral role in the struggle for freedom in South Africa from the 1930s. Lynn Carneson’s book Red in the Rainbow – a candid narrative about the impact of this political affiliation on her life provides the source material for this exhibition. It is a story of political persecution and torture, prolonged separation and enduring love that vividly recounts life in exile and their long awaited return to South Africa in 1991.

Red in the Rainbow not only invokes Fred and Sarah’s lifelong political struggles and triumphs in gripping detail, but also tells a poignant human story of endurance, breakdown, courage and a marriage surviving against all odds. The exhibition contains original material collected over time. Items such as photographs, official prison and repressive state documents, as well family and prison letters will be on display.

Red in the Rainbow is a struggle exhibition, but it is not about the past. It is about our future,’ says exhibition curator, Lynn Carneson. “Freedom from injustice has now become freedom to create the kind of South Africa we want. The triumph of the human spirit through years of adversity is still relevant today, and history can be a meaningful way to help us create and realise our dreams.”

Red in the Rainbow launched in 2012 at the Nelson Mandela Gateway Museum and subsequently toured to Pietermaritzburg and Grahamstown. In July it will return to its hometown in a revised format, due to popular demand. It will be opened on Saturday, 25 July 2015 by the Honourable Judge Albie Sachs, and will run until August 2016 at the Iziko Slave Lodge.

Local and International visitors to the exhibition have noted how vital it is to understand what living under a repressive regime really means. “The language of hatred and resentment we hear so often, even today, only breeds discontent and suffering. Our humanity is more than that. We can live in peace and prosperity, but we have to take responsibility for building the life we want. If this exhibition helps people to understand and feel this, it has been worth the effort,” says Carneson.

The Iziko Slave Lodge is open Monday to Saturday from 10h00 until 17h00.

For enquiries, contact Paul Tichmann on Tel. 021 467 7215 or e-mail For media queries, contact Communications Coordinator, Melissa Scheepers on 021 481 3874 or email


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Karina Szczurek Shares her Experience of Philida van de Delta, based on Philida by Andre Brink

PhilidaLate literary legend André Brink’s wife, Karina Szczurek, recently attended the premiere of the musical based on Brink’s Man Booker nominated novel, Philida.

The production, titled Philida van de Delta formed part of the 5th annual Zabalaza Festival at the Baxter theatre in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

“The beautiful young woman who sang Philida was the embodiment of André’s vision. He would have wept with all of us had he seen her come alive across space and time at the Baxter last night,” Szczurek writes.

Read Szczurek’s moving article about the production, how Brink first came to hear the story that inspired his novel and how seeing it on stage affected the author who is still figuring out how to live in a world where she is “unable to predict what will give me joy, what will hurt me” since she lost her husband in February this year:

I remember the pages of the manuscripts spread all around our lounge floor: Afrikaans, English, several versions of each, all a complete muddle. André and I going around with scissors and Sellotape, piecing the different scenes together, then transferring the final ‘cut’ to the computer, editing, correcting, arguing, crying, laughing, and every inch of the way loving the story and the remarkable woman at its centre – those were the final stages of André’s last novel, Philida (2012), longlisted for the Man Booker later that year just in time for the publication.

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John van de Ruit Talks About Returning to Theatre, While Working on the Spud Films

While the trailer for the film adaptation of the second Spud book, Spud: The Madness Continues, has just been released, the author of the popular series, John van de Ruit, has made a return to acting. Van de Ruit wrote and stars in the sketch comedy The Rise of the Insanity League, which is currently on at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.

Spud SpudSpudSpud - Exit, Pursued by a Bear

In an interview with Latoya Newman, Van de Ruit spoke about his move back to theatre, saying “With Spud people often think I had a grand master plan, but Spud started off as a doodle on some hotel stationery in Zimbabwe. It was an experiment that went horribly right.”

Becoming involved in acting again, has however, stood him in good stead as far as the film adaptations of the Spud series goes. “With the first I was consulting, with the second I wrote a few bits and with the third, I’m adapting the screenplay,” he revealed.

AFTER about seven years of not being on stage, writer John van de Ruit (Spud) was worried he may be “off his game” on the opening night of The Rise of the Insanity League two weeks ago in Port Elizabeth.

“I was very nervous, mainly over the technical stuff like sound queues and wardrobe changes. I was worried I would be a little off my game, but this show works to my strengths,” he said.

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Woordfees 2013: Chris Barnard en Katinka Heyns gesels oor Die wonderwerker met PG du Plessis

PG du Plessis, Katinka Heyns en Chris Barnard

Die wonderwerkerChris Barnard het gekies om spesifiek in sy draaiboek Die wonderwerker te fokus op die tydperk in digter en wetenskaplike Eugène Marais se lewe toe hy ernstig siek was en op die plaas Rietfontein versorg is, omdat dit verband hou met ‘n tema wat meermale in Barnard se fiksie voorkom: ‘n vreemdeling wat inkom en ‘n familie se bestaan omver gooi.

Só het Barnard Saterdag by die US Woordfees gesê in ‘n gesprek met sy vrou en die regisseur van die rolprent Die wonderwerk, Katinka Heyns. Die gesprek is deur hul skrywersvriend PG du Plessis gelei.

Die egpaar het oor hul kreatiewe loopbane gesels, die maak van die film en oor saamwerk as ‘n mens getroud is.

Carolyn Meads het regstreeks vanaf die praatjie met #livebooks getwiet:


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Steve Hofmeyr in sy noppies met verhoogverwerking van Vier briewe vir Jan Ellis

Vier briewe vir Jan EllisKapabelSteve Hofmeyr het dit laat blyk dat hy baie in sy skik is met die verhoogvertolking van sy novelle Vier briewe vir Jan Ellis wat onlangs by die Suidoosterfees gedebuteer het. Die teks is deur Lizz Meiring vir die verhoog verwerk.

“Soos vir die meeste Suid-Afrikaners kom Diasville se droomkind, Jan Ellis, ook ­later agter dat dit ’n leuen was: Nie alle drome word waar nie. Nie alles sal ­reg­kom nie. Hoe gemaak met dié lot, as die noodlot roep?”


e-Boek opsies – Laai nou af!

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Chris Barnard en Katinka Heyns gaan Die wonderwerker by Woordfees 2013 bespreek

Die wonderwerkerChris Barnard en Katinka Heyns het as span reeds menige uitstekende Afrikaanse produksies die lig laat sien. Mees onlangs is Barnard se draaiboek Die wonderwerker in ‘n gewilde rolprent, onder regie van Heyns, omskep.

Die film, oor die lewe van digter Eugène Marais, het laat in 2012 begin draai en die gelyknamige draaiboek is by Penguin SA beskikbaar. Dié indrukwekkende egpaar is by hierdie jaar se US Woordfees te sien waar hulle saam met skrywer en dramaturg PG du Plessis oor Die wonderwerker sal gesels.

Die boekbespreking vind 9 Maart om 09:00 in die Woordfees-boektent op Stellenbosch plaas. Kaartjies is by Computicket beskikbaar en kos R50 per persoon.

Moet dit nie misloop nie!

Besonderhede van die gesprek

  • Datum: Saterdag, 09 Maart 2013
  • Tyd: 09:00
  • Plek: Woordfees-boektent,
    SASOL Kunsmuseum,
    Ryneveldstraat 52,
    Stellenbosch | Padkaart
  • Kaartjies: R50 per persoon


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Chris Barnard maak oop teenoor Hanlie Retief oor die onlangse aanval op sy plaas

Die wonderwerkerHanlie Retief het met skrywer en dramaturg Chris Barnard gesels oor die onlangse aanval op hom op sy plaas naby Nelspruit. Barnard se jongste draaiboek, Die wonderwerker, is onlangs in ’n uiters gewilde rolprent, onder regie van sy vrou, Katinka Heyns, omskep:

Die voordeur staan oop. Binne sit ’n ou man op ’n stoel. Rustig. Oë wars hier in die voormiddag, soos ’n beleë ou Boere-generaal.

Die grys baard ken sy lê.

Dis ’n ken wat al baard dra van 1964 af.

Daar’s stiltes om hom. As hy praat, val sy woorde presies.

Hy mors nie sinne nie.


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Videos: Aktrise Anneke Weidemann en regisseur Katinka Heyns gesels oor Die wonderwerker

Die wonderwerkerDie wonderwerker, ‘n draaiboek deur Chris Barnard, is deur die talentvolle regisseur Katinka Heyns in ‘n betowerende film omskep wat tans landswyd in teaters te sien is. Katlego Maboe van Expresso het met Heyns en Anneke Weidemann, wat die rol van Jane Brayshaw vertolk, oor die rolprent gesels.

Die wonderwerker handel oor ‘n tydperk in Eugène Marais se lewe toe hy deur ‘n familie op ‘n plaas versorg is omdat hy malaria onder lede gehad het. ‘n Band vorm tussen hom en Brayshaw, die familie se aanneemdogter, wat ook as huishulp ingespan word. “Sy word deur die familie onderdruk, maar dan kom hierdie man en hy sien haar raak en hy waardeer haar,” verduidelik Weidemann.

Alhoewel daar donker dele aan Marais se lewensverhaal is en hy uiteindelik selfmoord gepleeg het, fokus Die wonderwerker volgens Heyns eerder op ‘n periode in Marais se lewe toe hy baie gelukkig was. “Dis eintlik ‘n liefdesverhaal,” sê sy.

YouTube Preview Image

Anneke Weidemann, wat nou medies aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch studeer, vertel in die volgende video hoe dit gekom het dat sy so ‘n groot rol vertolk het en hoe dit was om met sulke gesoute akteurs te werk:

YouTube Preview Image

Maboe het ook met Heyns oor haar loopbaan van aktrise tot regisseur gesels:

YouTube Preview Image


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Dawid Minnaar gesels oor sy rol as Eugene Marais in Die Wonderwerker (Plus: Video)

Die wonderwerkerDawid Minnaar speel die rol van die digter en wetenskaplike Eugène Marais in die film Die wonderwerker wat vandag landswyd in teaters begin draai. Die rolprent fokus op ‘n periode in Marais se lewe toe hy ernstig siek was aan malaria en deur twee vroue op die plaas Rietfontein versorg is.

Die draaiboek is deur Chris Barnard geskryf en is ook pas onder die titel Die wonderwerker deur Penguin Books uitgegee.

In ‘n onderhoud op die KykNET-program Kwêla het Minnaar vertel dat hy Marais se emosies subtiel moes uitbeeld, omdat hy ‘n baie private mens was. “Hy het baie goeters maar binne gehou en dit nie eintlik maklik gedeel met ander mense nie… Hy was in ‘n groot mate ‘n buitestander.” Volgens Minnaar sien ‘n mens Marais wel weerloos in die Die wonderwerker, maar net wanneer hy alleen is.

Minnaar het in ‘n onderhoud aan Schalk Schoombie vertel dat hy blou kontaklense moes dra om die rol van Marais te vertolk. “Dis die eerste keer dat ek met kontaklense speel en dit het my dadelik anders laat voel,” sê hy:

Waar ek hom buite Il Giardino in Auckland Park inwag, laat die idee van sit by ’n tafel in die binnehof Dawid Minnaar onwillekeurig bibber. “Koue is een ding wat ek nie goed hanteer nie,” beduie hy.

Tog lyk hy byna Europees in sy swart baadjie oor ’n donker trui, loodgrys serp, swart broek, blinkswart skoene; swart pet oor die grys hare en bruin oë getrek.

Katinka Heyns, die regisseur van die rolprent, het aan Elmari Rautenbach vertel dat Minnaar nie net Eugène Marais gespeel het nie – hy het Marais gewórd.

Minnaar het beskryf hoe hy in 2006 die eerste keer Chris Barnard se draaiboek onder oë gekry het en dit “in een sessie in ’n Melville-restaurant deurgelees” het. “Daar was soveel aspekte aan Marais wat geresoneer het. Die feit dat hy nie ’n tipiese voorbeeldige, stoere Afrikaner was nie, maar ’n alternatiewe lid van sy ‘stam’. Eenkant. Stroomop,” sê hy.

Hy lig sy voorvinger, delikaat gepunt, die middelvinger en duim raak amper. Sy blou oë is gerig op die bobbejaanmannetjie voor hom. Roerloos sit dié, bek halfoop, oë starend.

’n Bries speel met die hare van sy pels, maar hy sit… asof in ’n dwaal.

“’n Mens noem dit mesmeraais,” sê hy later vir die meisie waar hulle in die veld hardgekookte eiers afdop. Om hulle is dit ruig en groen, die berge blou op die horison.


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Morula Pictures Buys Film Rights to Wall of Days by Alastair Bruce

Wall of DaysThe film rights for the novel Wall of Days by Alastair Bruce, published in 2010 by Umuzi, have been optioned by South African production company, Morula Pictures.

The production house is behind the film How to Steal 2 Million, popular soapies Generations and Backstage, medical series JOZI H, as well as Africa’s first 3D animation production, Magic Cellar.

The novel was released in the United Kingdom in August last year and was launched at the Edinburgh Festival in the same month.

Wall of Days tells the story of Bran, the once-leader of a small community. He lives a life of solitude as a castaway on a deserted island, where the rain has been ceaseless for ten years. To track the days, he marks their passing on the wall of his cave, until an unanticipated event causes him to yearn for home. He embarks on his adventure, involving not only a treacherous sea voyage, but the charge of execution should he ever arrive at his erstwhile home.

Last year, the novel was chosen by as one of twelve annual Amazon Rising Stars. It was also included in The Guardian’s longlist for the “Not the Booker Prize”, which is awarded to a book voted for by the public as the title that most deserves to win the Man Booker Prize.

Wall of Days was shortlisted in South Africa for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize, Best First Book, Africa Region.

Alastair Bruce was born in Port Elizabeth and studied at the University of Cape Town. He began his studies with a degree in science, but ended with a masters in English Literature. For over ten years, he has been a resident of the United Kingdom, where he works in electronic publishing. He is married and has a daughter.

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