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Emma van der Vliet: “For Thirty Second World I Researched Game Capture and Swingers’ Clubs!”

Thirty Second WorldEmma van der Vliet spoke to Get Your Book Published and It’s a Book Thing about her writing process, which literary character she would most like to be and her latest book, Thirty Second World.

Van der Vliet explained her writing process and research process to Get Your Book Published, saying that “for Thirty Second World I researched game capture and swingers’ clubs”. She said that the research process is “one of the great joys of writing fiction – an excuse to ‘research’ things you might otherwise never get to know about”.

1. From first draft, to published book, how much editing do you do?

I hadn’t realised this until quite recently, but I actually work quite slowly, editing myself as I go along. This means that I take a really long time to write something, but it’s often more finished than a first draft written by someone who likes to throw it all out onto the page and then start to work with it from there. It may just be because I’m a lazy self-editor, but I think it’s also a question of one’s working style. I think things through in my head a lot before I actually get around to putting them down on the page, and once they’re down I’m not that keen on constant reworking.

Nancy Drew or the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland are Van der Vliet’s choice of characters she’d like to be:

1. Your novels are based around strong women facing a dilemma, what inspires you to write redemption for your female characters?

Hope? I encounter so many women who are so strong and warm and funny and who manage so courageously and with such humour despite the adversities that life throws at them. Women are bloody amazing. They deserve some redemption, even if it’s only in fiction.

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