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Excerpt from Thirty Second World by Emma van der Vliet

Thirty Second WorldIn the following extract from Thirty Second World by Emma van der Vliet we meet Alison, who holds a top position in the film industry. However, after interviewing Beth, who is just starting her career in film, Alison is thrown by the young woman’s enthusiasm and worries that she is losing her edge:

After Beth left, Al got up, closed the door, and leaned her back against it, rolling her bottom lip between her teeth as she ran through the meeting in her head. Beth had reminded her of herself when she’d just started in the film industry: not in her naivety – Al felt like she’d been born precocious and a little jaded – but in her excitement about starting out in something new, a new life. And at the same time Beth’s blundering revelation about Al’s scary reputation showed how much she’d changed since then. It was no news, really, just a confirmation of something she knew already, but it was like inadvertently catching sight of oneself in a mirror in a public place and realising how everyone else saw you. Not very flattering. And then, somehow, instead of relishing watching Beth squirm with embarrassment Al had ended up brushing it off and was now even thinking of offering her a job. She must be losing her edge.

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